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  1. Well.. clearly, if you've tried the one 3 times and it hasn't stuck.. maybe you should try the other. t It's the year of the Pig.
  2. That's why I posted my other canopies. I get a lot of people thinking 1.8 is too high and I should be jumping something docile. When I explain that my "normal" canopy is a Velo at 2.2 - a Safire at 1.8 is docile and conservative! I'd like to jump with my FX... but I have 20 chops already... and I like pulling a little lower since we only get 11000ft exit altitude. t It's the year of the Pig.
  3. Safire 109 @ 1,83. This is my big canopy. I use an FX 93 @ 2.15 for AFF and a Velo 90 at 2.22 for CP. My DZ is 5000ft AMSL. t It's the year of the Pig.
  4. Welcome dude! Few people break 50mph on their 10th flight! Looking forward to the Skills camp in 2 weeks, and then bigger stuff at the AFFC! r It's the year of the Pig.
  5. I would think so. If you rode that hesitation to impact, would you have died of a low pull/no pull, or failure to deal with a malfunction? t It's the year of the Pig.
  6. Eye contact is worth a great deal. Clear works better on a sunset load - especially if you get a hold. Not being able to see while skydiving is never cool. t It's the year of the Pig.
  7. Now this "Lady flier body" you refer to. If I measure a jumper - any jumper - and I send those measurements to any wingsuit manufacturer - I'd like to think they build a suit to fit that body. That's why I measured it, right? Then they'd put the wings on it, just like you do. So what's the point of a "lady flier?" t It's the year of the Pig.
  8. I know girls that are equal in all flight modes. What about your suits? For me, it's a lot like rock climbing. Girls bodies are different to boys bodies, but if they're really into climbing, the difference is small. What men gain in power, the women climbers I know make up for in technique. As I grow older, and consequently weaker, I find myself climbing more like a girl. The grades go up, I can climb longer and get less tired. Women's harnesses may have a different cut, but the rock they climb is the same as the mens, and it's the rock we're here for. Your suits may have a different cut, but the air they fly through is the same as the mens, and it's the air we're here for. I doubt your "ladyflier" will outfly your Mach 1. If you're building suits with less performance for women who have equal experience and physical capability, then I think thats condecending. t It's the year of the Pig.
  9. So they're equal in perfomance in all flight modes? t It's the year of the Pig.
  10. That may be good marketing for you, but I think it's condecending. Anyone can build the muscles to fly a suit better. t It's the year of the Pig.
  11. Yes. The Spectre is a 7 cell. Fewer ribs = Less fabric. And it's a brick. The Stilleto is an eliptical. Tapered trailing edge = Less fabric. And it's a brick. The Crossfire is an eliptical. Tapered leading and trailing edges = less fabric. And it's a brick. Since you posted the info from the mirage site - do you see a Sabre1/11 170 in there? I don't. In addition, main canopy size is only half the equasion which is why I asked for the reserve size. If a "like a brick" main is combined with a tight reserve packjob, with a cypres, at a 5000ft AMSL DZ, the rig may well be impossible to pack. (Parachutes pack bigger at altitude.) In short, it's not on the list you posted for a reason. Can you fit a Sabre 2 170 in a Mirage G3 M3? Yes. Is it a sensible, practical, safe, comfortable thing to do? No. t It's the year of the Pig.
  12. It's really just a 1 point 2 way. t It's the year of the Pig.
  13. Between you and Lowpull there's a quarter century experience and 12000+ skydives. Lets try and get along, shall we? t It's the year of the Pig.
  14. Several people have done this in the past. t It's the year of the Pig.
  15. Take the money you would spend on webbed gloves, and put it towards your own gear, or an alti, or an audiable, or a tracking dive and learn to track. I did a few 100 dives with webbed gloves in the early 90's while learning to skysurf, and doing some camera. Webbed gloves are bullshit. They'll do nothing for your track, and I'll bet within 50 jumps something will happen that will make you wish you never wore them. t It's the year of the Pig.