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  1. PJ always said he had that photo. and he LOVED to let me know that he POSSESSED that said photo. He would tease me and ask what would I do to get it back? After six years of hanging out with him there was nothing, not one good answer I could or would ever give him that would make any difference anyway. He ALWAYS had a new comeback. besides I dont think there was anybody there that hasnt seem "THEM" anyway. But we played the game every weekend. It's all good.
  2. PJ. What can I say. From our first meeting in Zhills I so did not have the patience for you. Then you show up at crosskeys and you made me want to punch the hell out of you more than once. And you knew it and just kept pushing my buttons, all the time. "I know you want me to smoke one of your cigarettes" "Hey aud, I still have that picture of your tits" "Hey aud, wheres Tex?" "you are not going to pack that are you? you cant pack" "GET OFF MY PACKING MAT" "LIKE NOW GET OFF THE MAT" "Stop bothering my packers, what you have to say is not that important." "Whats with the blue? why would you die their hair blue?" My favorite one of all "DO YOU HAVE A THOUGHT PROCESS OR IS EVERYTHING TO YOU REALLY THAT FUNNY?" The many painful rubber band shots to my legs. Oh the countless drunking nights at ottleys. All in all you became one of my favorite people that I enjoyed. There was always a huge hug and a smile from you. I am very happy I got to spend sometime with you on Saturday and met your wife Donna. You seemed so happy and content with yourself and your life. and you were wearing shoes. . fly free p.s. It really is that funny. miss you audra