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    Complete system for sale in the UK CONTAINER: Sunpath | Javelin Odyssey | RSK-1 (with many extras) MAIN: PD Katana 120 (bespoke colours to match container with PD logo) RESERVE: PD Optimum 126 (no jumps) AAD: Cypres 2 Expert (Year of manufacture 2013) DEATILS This complete system was bought new in 2013 and assembled and only ever used in this configuration. Exactly 210 jumps from new (all logged). Last jumped in Jul 2018. Comes in a Peli Case box to protect it in transit which is included. ONLY SOLD AS A COMPLETE SYSTEM £4,000 or $5,000 - I am traveling to the US next month (May 24) - Kansas City


    Cheltenham, Gloucestershire - GB

  2. I have a Mini-DV HD Video camera and I'm using a Sony wide angle lens which screws on the front. I have no problem with the video until I get into freefall and as the jump goes on it gets worst. The result is a blurded circle of mist/condensation which once under canopy slowly goes. Very anoying, please help
  3. I'm flying a Flat top Pro with a Cannon 350D. Currently using the standard 18-55mm lens from Canon. This Lens isn't wide enough for the Tandems I'm filming so request a wider lens. I Don't know what to buy? Should I go for a zoom lens, like Canon or Sigma 10-22mm lens, or should I consider a fixed lens, 15mm say. What about a Fisheye, maybe 10mm or 16mm. I know a lot of people dislike Fisheye results, but would it be suitable for my filming of Tandems. Usual distance around 1 metre from Tandem. Any help appreciated, Please Help??