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  1. Blue skies! A big part of so many of my convention memories.
  2. IT'S NAKED TIME!!!! It had to be said. Blue skies Chris. Rest in peace. Love to Kelly and family. Give Brooks a cuddle for all of us.
  3. Burt, your smiles and hugs will be greatly missed here at Z hills.
  4. Franc, Bobbie was truly the love of your life. Seeing the two of you together renewed my faith in love. I am so very sorry for your loss. Bobbie will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to know her. All my love and prayers are with you, Janine Colombo
  5. The pictures are on the muff websight. http://www.muffbrothers.org/index.php/gallery A great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone. Enjoy the pics. If you have more that should be added, just send them to me. Muff muff, Janine
  6. Welcome to the Muff Brothers. It was great to meet you, come back anytime! Muff! Muff! Muff! Janine MB 989
  7. Hi Beth, If you still need pics, contact me. See you this summer. Janine
  8. I met P.J. at my window at the snack bar in Z-hills, he had just arrived here for the first time. He overheard me talking to someone about a job. He said he really needed a job and if the other person wasn't interested, he'd like a chance. I hired him on the spot. He later told me his girlfriend broke up with him and took all his "stuff, including his rig." He had no money and no where to live. Most guys would have fought for their stuff, P.J. just walked away and started over. He worked incredibly hard for that whole season. P.J. was one of the most annoying and endearing people I have ever met. I was the lucky one that day I made a friend for life. I am so proud of everything he accomplished. Donna, we have never met, but when P.J. told me about you, I knew you were something special. I met P.J. right after he had has his heart broken, I didn't think he would ever really trust and be truly happy. I am so glad that he found that with you, I'm only sorry it was cut so short. I'll miss you P.J. Janine
  9. I'll be there all ten days. You can find me in the Muff Tent helping Johnny bring more Muff Brothers into the world. See ya there! Janine
  10. I'll be there all ten days. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! Muff, muff!
  11. Hey Assholes! Don't forget about Lasagna dinner from the Hard Dock Cafe! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! Muff, Muff, Muff Janine