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  1. Hey gif, Belly first. Period. I used to allow trackers to go ahead of me after they promised to stay together and track across the wind line bla bla bla. Next thing we know there are trackers under and right in side our space. Why, they said they got disoriented and lost a few of their group. I found out later they thought they would not make the airport and so modified their run.. I do not let trackers out ahead of my belly group..
  2. New dates for the 2013 TEAM ELITE 3D event have been changed to: Nov 25-27, 2013 (Sunday the 24th is an optional warm up day starting around 1100am). For details go to: www.Guywright.com For slot request: [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Day 3 over. So far, 7 dives each day, perfect weather, good dives, great players, formations tight, lots of points. One more day left, 5 dives, total 26 dives to 15000. Good event. www.guywright.com
  4. Join us for another high end sequential bigway event March 14-17, Deland, Fl. This is not a camp or walk on event. For slot/event information contact: [email protected]
  5. Parachute Labs (Jumpshack) makes the best canopies. The firebolt main and the angelfire reserve. Jump nothing else.
  6. When and where will the services be?
  7. There will be a 3 day big way sequential training event at Skydive Chicago June 30- July 2. Guy Wright coaching. Interested players can contact Nick Yoder for slot info and cost. Nick Yoder [email protected]
  8. Join Guy Wright for 1,2,3 or all 4 days of 30-50 way speed sequentials at Skydive Deland, March 24-27, 2012. Good FSR warm up dives and great sequential team. $25.00 a day plus $27 jumps to 14,999. For more info contact Guy at: [email protected] This is not a camp.
  9. Only a few weeks away. Temps in the 70's Planes ready to go $24 jumps to 14,500 Fly Baby Fly
  10. Texas Team Elite 36 way sequentials. Jan 20-22, 2012. Skydive Spaceland, Tx. Guy Wright, organizer Scott Latinis, Captain Skyvan/Super otter. Contact bigways.com or Jim [email protected] for details
  11. Another record in the bag. The sequentials were nice as well. Congrates all. Next year we go bigger. gw
  12. Guy will be there till Sunday. He has other prior commitments which require him to leave Sunday night. Please join him for fun, safe and challenging bigways from Sept 1-4th. thanks Melissa