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  1. Try It searches all the search engines (ie: expedia, travelocity, all the airline websites, etc...) for you so you can compare easily. Also Southwest and Spirit fly to Orlando (sorry, I don't know where you're flying from) and both airlines usually offer cheap flights. team swooo swooo #2
  2. I will, and here are some pictures. Her name is Dinkie, (my brother named her...) she is an almost 6 month old cockapoo. team swooo swooo #2
  3. Thank you everyone for the input. The puppy will have someone home watching her. The t-shirt idea sounds like an excellent idea. We are still deciding, but that you all again for the help! team swooo swooo #2
  4. We are taking our puppy to be spayed tomorrow and we have the option to get (or not to get) the collar for afterwards. This is our first puppy and we are aware of the benefits of the collar, but are wondering if it is really necessary (being we have the option to not get it). Any insight would be greatly appreciated. team swooo swooo #2
  5. Blues PJ...You will be missed Sincere condolences to his wife, family, and friends. team swooo swooo #2
  6. I don't remember where it is, but the food was really good! team swooo swooo #2
  7. Cassidi will be taking care of Swooo jumps on Friday and Saturday for anyone (except Brandon C) wanting a Swooo number. I'll be there Sunday to take care of numbers and jumps, so make sure to see me. See you all Sunday! alyson team swooo swooo #2
  8. I will try my best to get her there...I'm sure a pm from you might help a bit! A Swooo Way would be fun! alyson team swooo swooo #2
  9. I think I'll be there for a bit on Saturday, however I will be there for most of the day on Sunday. We can definately work something out if anyone wants to get their Swooo number. alyson team swooo swooo #2
  10. Yes you do...if I'm gonna jump when it's freezing, so are you! alyson team swooo swooo #2
  11. better. I can't finally jump with you if you don't come up here! alyson team swooo swooo #2
  12. I share the exact feelings! Congrats to you both and have so much fun!! alyson team swooo swooo #2
  13. You forgot the Muppet Christmas Carol. I like that one the best! alyson team swooo swooo #2