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  1. PJ was so engaged with the world ... he observed and commented without reservation, and in so doing ruffled more than a few feathers. He never shrank from what was around him. That he survived childhood cancer and later a canopy wrap tells me he knew how to fight ... and from my somewhat removed observation, he knew how to love. He visited a few of us in NYC one time and was every bit enthralled with life on the street, the bedraggled and homeless, as he was the architecture, art, commerce and glitz. He embraced it all ... holding none of it above him nor beneath him. He reveled in it, as he seemed to most things in life. In flip flops, jeans and a tee-shirt he could hold his own and then some with any suited "official person," being as smart and real and warm-hearted as he was, without suffering an ounce of what he considered bunk ... and to PJ there was considerable bunk in the world. I haven't seen him in a while, but I can still see that full-face smile and feel that full-on hug he gave both in greeting and departing. Thank you, PJ, for living ... for being so completely and genuinely and uniquely in this world and for never letting the circumstances define you. May you be as feisty in heaven as you were here on earth. My thoughts and prayers go out to PJ’s family and friends, both on and off the DZ.
  2. Anyone have an email address for Chromy?
  3. Didn't know him personally, but friends are quite saddened by this... he was, apparently, a wonderful guy. Parachutist dives to his death 22/01/2004 09:31 - (SA) Candice Swarts and Malixole Gwatyu Cape Town - An internationally renowned Cape Town parachutist died in a freak accident during the filming of an advertisement on Wednesday. Graham Hoal collided with a moving truck while doing a parachute stunt during the filming of a beer ad at the Theewaterkloof Dam near Villiersdorp. The 50-year old Hoal was airlifted to the Vergelegen MediClinic in Somerset West, where he was declared dead on arrival. Barry Munchick, managing director of Velocity Films, said the jump was not particularly difficult for a parachutist of Hoal's calibre. Preliminary reports indicated that a sudden change in wind direction caused the accident. Craig Ginsberg of The Stunt Company, who co-ordinated the jump, said the ad was supposed to depict a parachutist whose lines get entangled with a beer truck, upon which the driver would bring the vehicle to a halt and share a beer with the parachutist. A stunt co-ordinator, who was in charge of safety precautions on the set, gave the final okay for the jump. Tests proved that wind speeds were within safe limits. Hoal was one of the country's most experienced paragliders. He was the first South African to reach the North Pole when he landed there by parachute in 1995. He also held the record for the longest glide. Parachutists doing this variation of the sport wear specially designed webbed suits to help them glide further.
  4. Yea, as a result of this one sitch, freedom now means having the same alacrity w/ "no" as I do w/ "yes." Dude, you're so experienced... when did your walk-away happen?
  5. I've been told that slider off is more simple, less complicated... introduces fewer variables into the opening sequence so it increases the liklihood of on-heading openings... reduces the chance for line-over mals w/ use of the tailgate.... Please, tho, someone set me straight if I've got this wrong!
  6. You guys crack me up w/ the "guts to back down" thing... t'weren't no thang... This must be one of those girl/guy differences (viva those!). OK, re the 300footer... 1. It's what I had in mind all day. We talked about it and drew diagrams, so it was pretty real for me. 2. The small A was a nothing physical climb (stairs!). 3. I was packed slider off (tho, of course, there'd be no prob doing a
  7. Raw honesty here-- I wasn't ready. My first tower. It towered up near 1000. All day I had in my mind we were doing something 1/3 of that w/ a pca, but the winds changed to make this one more appropriate at the last moment. An easy jump. I simply had no realization of what I was getting into until I was there... I wasn't physically or mentally prepared... and I didn't recognize it until 50 up. No drama, just a clear "NO!" I do believe I heard my inner voice!...not the whiney "do we have to?" or anxty "have I packed correctly?". Simply, irrefutably "NO."
  8. you also paint quite an indelible image... which sounds pretty authentic to me! I'm not in a hurry (well, ok I am) to put myself into a situation like that (but it wouldn't happen to me), so I promise not to (until I feel I'm ready).
  9. uhhh, "mincer"?... plz enlighten this suburban whitegrrl
  10. yes, you're so right about that one! "Learning to live"... am definitely developing my own, quite literal rules to live by... maybe for the first time in my life! Yeeikes. Ultimately it was a good experience... my gang was so supportive, godblessem... "a good decision" they ALL said. Thanks! Honestly belive that nothing is ever wasted... in a wierd way, I guess I exercised a spectrum of "freedom" in a way I never have before. I've not exercised "no" in quite the same way I've exercised "go for it!" And, I also practically crashed my car today saying "I've got girliebabykahunas!" over and over until I was lol! (maybe you had to be there)
  11. mf... you guys definitely have my admiration... I backed down from my first tower tonight. I'm ok w/ that, but it's not what I thought I'd be doing! Livin' to learn... sigh.
  12. sure I'll be your driver... the first time we go ;o) hey, mebbe you need a pilot instead?!?
  13. Any chance you could send me your avatar image? It looks pretty cool and I'd like to put it up as wallpaper on my laptop. :o)