I need some help from the DZ.com family

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Hello All,

This is the one time I know 100% that your vote will count!! I hope you will take the time to read and vote. Please post a reply when you vote to keep the topic bumped ;)

As many of you know I am a fireman and I have a friend that is a search and rescue dog handler. This is an extremely time and labor intensive program that she has taken upon herself voluntarily. Literally thousands of hours of training have been invested over the last three years by Shanni and her canine Annie. This is the type of rescue dog that searched Ground Zero on 9/11 and Oklahoma City during those tragedies.

An opportunity to support the Shani and Annie has presented itself. The pet food company, Nutro, is sponsoring a program to recognize a Canine/Handler team. Shani Richeson and her dog Annie are the Canine/Handler team chosen from my District. All it takes is a simple vote by accessing the link below. It takes only two clicks of the mouse to vote for Shani and Annie. I'm sure that they would really appreciate the support of the dropzone.com family.



Click Here to vote for Shani and Annie!!

PS also feel free to send this out via e-mail to all your friends and family. Every vote counts ;)

Fire Safety Tip: Don't fry bacon while naked

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