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  1. CREE makes good LED downlights (CR6). They are expensive (~$53) but last forever (50,000 hours) and use 10.5 Watts for an honest 65 Watt equivalent. At San Francisco energy rates, that is about a 1 year payback on lights that are on most of the day. Color temperature is nearly identical to incandescent at 2700, and they dim to 5%. Retrofit into a standard 6" can in about 2 mins. http://www.polar-ray.com/Cree-CR6-Series_c_118.html Lucky folks in Massachusetts had a utility rebate that brought them down to $19.99. Still being resold on ebay for about $40 (with Home Depot EcoSmart rebranding).
  2. Check Hotwire. I just used them to stay at the Hotel Madera in DC. Was close to everything and a great experience. Hotwire has way better pricing than anybody else for medium to high end hotels. www.hotwire.com http://www.hotwirerevealed.com/ E
  3. Sushi Sam's in San Mateo is great. 3rd and B, sit at the bar. http://www.sushisams.com/ Used to work in San Mateo and a group went out for sushi each week. We rotated restaurants for the first two months, then kept winding up back to Sam's. The best.
  4. I don't understand. How could there be snow on the car when going to work? from San Francisco
  5. Cool whitepaper: http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/index.html Definitely still a beta though. Crashes whenever I try to set "Options."
  6. Pilots who don't need to build hours don't fly DZ jobs (at least not purely for the pay). Pilots who get benefit from the hours set the pay scale. That is the way a market economy works, dude. What is the hourly wet rental cost of a turbine airplane, for purposes of building hours? E
  7. My brother got $1000 from this program. The idea is to take massively polluting cars off the road. If it doesn't move, the car is prob. not polluting.
  8. You can probably pop the glass piece out, then back into your mirror housing. I hit an in credibly unlucky seagull with my mirror a year ago, while driving Highway 1. It made a mess on the front of my mirror, and the glass popped out. I couldn't do much about the bird, but went back on the road, found the (undamaged) glass and popped it back in. Still works.
  9. Good seeing you out there. Come back healed and let's go for a skydive. Evan
  10. Thanks. The LEDtronics look closest to a replacement for my 65W R30 floodlights. Price notwithstanding ($118 each), I am surprised that they claim equivalence to a 65W bulb. Only 192 lumens v. 755 for GE incandescent. But cool that folks are going in that direction. My dad can't put down his LED flashlights. Those suckers sure are bright.
  11. Thanks, Bill. Got a vendor for LED arrays I can screw into a standard light socket? Or are they not there yet?
  12. Are there dimmable LED light bulbs that are commercially practical? I have several circuits of 65W recessed lights in my home. When we went to dimmers a couple years ago (Lutron), the bulbs pretty much stopped burning out, due to the "soft" on-off, and energy consumption went way down. I would consider LEDs as an improvement but most CFLs are non-dimmable and would be a step backwards IMO. Anyone got info on LED bulbs? Thanks, Evan
  13. How about SF on the 19th and NYC on the 21st?
  14. For folks diving through the hoop: Scrape your belly on the bottom of the hoop. Most shoot for the middle of the hoop, forgetting that they are wearing a rig. THUNK!