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  1. I have ran two 5k - 26.47 (April) then 24.27 (May) - I have registered for one more 5k in two weeks, then an 8k in July. I really haven't given any thought to the time it takes to finish,I just want to finish. I started running in Feb, so I will be happy with almost any time.
  2. HI! I am preparing to run a half marathon in September. Currently I am up to 10 miles. Anyone have any advice?? Thanks
  3. Beckert

    Workout Music

    HI! Does anyone have any good song ideas for workouts/running? It doesn't matter what type of music, as long as it keeps me moving! All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  4. Bumper sticker on my car in High School "Auntie Em, Hate You, Hate Kansas, Taking the Dog, Dorthy"
  5. Here's my favorite one - I was working in Northern California in a branch office. I received a phone call from our corporate office located in Southern California at 4:45 p.m. The office manager sounded mad that I answered the phone. She asked why I was working late, who approved the over time etc. Long story short, she told me that she thought the time difference increased slowly, until it reached one hour, therfore she thought it was past 5 pm in Northern California when she placed the phone call.
  6. I just went to Raeford this weekend and can never say enough positive things about it! It was awesome and I learned even more than I thought I would. I am already planning on returning next year! I highly recommend this tunnel.
  7. Beckert

    Do you worry?

    I don't know who said it but I always liked this quote about worrying "To worry is like paying interest on money you haven't borrowed yet".
  8. My daughter has a ACER lap top that I purchased for her to use at school due to a disability. I bought it new for less than $300.00 at Walmart. She is 13 and not the easiest on things, and we have not had one problem, even with all the extra things we had to put on it.
  9. HI! All of my undergraduate loans were consolidated with SM, never had any problems with them. They had great customer service both on line and by phone. However, with my loans for my masters degree I left with another company because the interest rate was lower, and would increase if I consolidated all the loans. Good news is I only have one more payment and I am all paid off. Good Luck
  10. Beckert

    9193 Days...

    Any advice for those of us who would like to quit? What worked for you?
  11. Glad to hear I am not the only one has low numbers. I always have a normal temp around 96, BP is usually 80/60, low heart rate and low iron. I have tried talking to Dr's but usually get the response "better low numbers than high". Good to hear that there are Dr's that will listen.
  12. Thanks for posting that, my father and I used to travel there (he passed away last month) sometimes he would talk, other times just silently cry. Thanks again Terri
  13. Thanks for all of the information. It sounds like I am checking for it the right way. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. During these snow days lay offs my mind sometimes starts wandering. Thanks Again!!