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    SENA 20S bluetooth comunication device

    there is an even more slim version, I would highly recommend it, at least for motorcycle riding. http://www.sena.com/product/smh10r/
  2. -ftp-

    Any members at New Hampshire tunnel??

    I don't have a membership, but have a 10 minute card I am looking to use up. IDK if that is any help lol, maybe someone to put in some time with?
  3. -ftp-

    AFF training and Radio's

    why did you leave? It seems you were comfortable there? Where are you going to be jumping most of the time?
  4. I think so, you will get better at flying your body much faster and less cost in a tunnel. Think about this, one failed level pays for the cost.
  5. And this has to do with skydiving how? Oh god why do I even bother, lets hear it shah, break it down for us. I can't wait....
  6. http://bit.ly/QC1YhO its $20 bucks dude, seriously?
  7. -ftp-

    Skydiving and motorcycle riding

    been covered a bunch of times. If you dont have saddle bags big enough, get a gear bag and use that. Dont ever ride with just the rig on your back with no gear bag for obvious reasons. There is a story of some guy doing 80 down the road and wanted to see what would happen if he pulled his rip-cord (pre BOC days). Not a good scenario...
  8. -ftp-

    Jeb's new proximity flights!

    Some nice edits, but man-o-man was he close!
  9. -ftp-

    Shenanigans ? Packing/packers issue

    Go to a diffrent DZ if you'r not happy. Have you talked with the DZO about your concerns? You might be suprised how well a little communication goes (assuming you haven't tried yet).
  10. talk to some jumpers you look up to and talk about your fears with them, the best would be your past instructors. Maybe its time for a recurrency class/jump and get back on the horse so to speak. What exactly are you nervous about, everyone is nervous to a degree......
  11. -ftp-

    Haven't jumped in a while

    I think it depends on DZ, call them up. I know where I jump you would need to take a refresher course for $100, then continue on.
  12. -ftp-

    I know it's a ways out but...First Rig

    Nothing wrong with racers, just not as popular thats all. I would still buy a used container if I were you, even if it is a racer. Reason being is it has already depreciated. You have 4,000 to spend. You can get a modern, complete rig with AAD if you're patient for that price easy probably less (more jump money). That way instead of possibly selling your new racer in 2-3 years when you downsize, you wont take that big of a hit on it. Money is better spent on coaching rather than new rigs when you start IMPO. OH YEAH: Learn how the RSL system works on that rig, it can be very dangerous if you do not understand how it works. edited: To add RSL statement
  13. -ftp-

    Tunnel Coaches NH

    are you going to do your AFF at pepperel? Just call Sky Venture, they will tell you which coach is best for your situation.