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  1. This could be the stupidest thing I have ever read. TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER: Rig manufactures have made the decision to ban the Argus because of a crappy cutter than can cause huge problems in the right situation. Are you really that upset? Let me ask you a question that I sincerely hope you will answer honestly. Suppose you choose to jump an AAD. You have a brand new Argus and a brand new CYPRES sitting on the table and you can choose 1, what would it be given all the factual data? I think its pretty obvious.
  2. WOW! That is a powerful statement right there. To answer the OP question NO they are not 100% preventable. However I would argue they are about 99% preventable
  3. So you don't like the idea of altitude to deal with a problem, like a 2 out? I sure would. The following is not directed at you in particular just a statement: Like stated, simply raising the firing altitude is not going to deal with the MAIN cause of under inflated/non inflated reserves by AAD fire; low cutaways or some other scenario not reaching speed in time. AAD fires at terminal or close to it at 750 should be plenty in theory. Popsjumper is right on IMO about that, but I would like to pose another question. What about changing the perameters of the AAD? After a terminal desecnt the AAD can detect when we slow to a certain speed (pull main). Say 20 MPH, AAD switches itself to "canopy mode", during that mode if the jumper reaches a speed greater than say 30 MPH, instead of the ~78MPH, the AAD activates? The only drawback to this I can see is CRW perhaps or somehow the AAD malifunctions and on your next jump it activates 2 seconds after you leave the plane (this would be bad). If some kind of programming couldn't solve this then maybe reseting after each jump could be an option, like cocking your pilot chute, this would HAVE to become part of the packing process.
  4. Are you really that selfish? Do you really know more than an instructor? Seriously, if youre that dead set on it, fake a log book, go to a different DZ, rent a rig and teach yourself. [scarcasm please dont]
  5. this also depends on where you're going. Some boogeys will not have a rigger on site. But I do agree with you, although usually in a situation like this they will reschedule your flight at no cost. I always just check my rig, much much less hastle, less questions, less attention, I just want to be left alone like everybody else. Its really unclear though who was giving you trouble and where. Usually TSA has the last say, and they are suposed to be familiar with parachute sytems and how to handle them. What airport was this?
  6. yeah because that is a fair comparison, way to contribute weenie. you're calling me a WEENIE!? i hope you got three rigs, all argus equipped.. go back under the bridge you crawled from! Don't send dickheadish PM's then not allow a response. Seriously, everything you post is a wise ass remark that has NO VALUE. For example, look above.
  7. WOW! Those are some scary reads! Thanks for that.
  8. yeah because that is a fair comparison, way to contribute weenie.
  9. Im no rigger, but if that was my rig I would get it changed for certain. Why risk it.
  10. if my AAD ever fires with me not incapacitated in some way then I will quit! Bottom line.
  11. there is a difference between exiting near the hard deck and reaching it at terminal. Obviously a lot less time with the later. Im sure you know this, not insulting you in any way.
  12. problem chief? are you disagreeing with this line of thinking? If the radio was to break or fall off during his skydive do you reccomend him just landing with no flare, or just sit under canopy and let fate decide where and how he lands? How much effort did it take to push that button?
  13. are you going to do your AFF at pepperel? Just call Sky Venture, they will tell you which coach is best for your situation.
  14. In all reality, its your job to land the canopy. The radio is back up, if you feel you know when to flare then you should do that. Maybe a better suited question for your instructors would be how to handle a high flare. Just incase.
  15. or an empty wallet? could serve 2 purposes if you are divorced too lol.
  16. What happens if his reserve opens in "spinning line twists?" Is that really a better alternative? Ill take the ~1 in 1000 chance that ill have to do a 1 handed cutaway.