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  1. welcome to #2's world, were you actually expecting to get something out of a thread by him?
  2. And this has to do with skydiving how? Oh god why do I even bother, lets hear it shah, break it down for us. I can't wait....
  3. Do you know you can demo reserves now-a-days? yeah, in fact sometimes the manufactures come to your DZ and set up a tent an everything. You can try your reserve before you buy it, pretty cool.
  4. Since you are so willing to help, any idea where I can get a Sabre2? A 170 should suffice
  5. By the sounds of it I am not the one that got offended, you are kind of freaking out a little no? If you want to support their videos, don't you think its best to pay them for it? Either way, likely not a good idea to ask where to pirate something in a public forum.
  6. From what I hear you are far from respectful. Keep on though, there always has to be at least one.
  7. He's an engineer, he already thought of that. We're just going to free-pack it.
  8. haiku is easy why do I even bother this thread is pointless
  9. I bet if the moderators ran an IP trace you would share the same one as the OP. Just saying....
  10. That explains a lot. Let me guess.....bullied in high school too right?
  11. you remind people every post on here that you are an engineer and you really can't think of some reasons on your own? What kind of engineer are you? A petroleum transfer engineer?
  12. Did you need to land oof on that reserve with 100 jumps?
  13. Doesn't this sound like another annoying troll we have on here already? Lets see, new profile, an "engineer", sounds like #2 to me.
  14. Better late than never on the realization you shouldn't take him. While it is your responsibility to make the right calls, I commend you on making the choice as we all know not everyone would do that. Thanks for sharing.
  15. On a side note you're playing with fire on that reserve. I really hope you dont need it til you have a lot more experince.
  16. get a 2nd opinion, travel somewhere with better doctors if you have to. I would do this, even get a 3rd before I would hang it up.
  17. So if a toggle breaks, or you need to replace/modify a slider for some reason, can you only use manufacturer's parts?
  18. That's your usual response to people on here when you have nothing else to say. Like my jump numbers, container, home DZ or any other bullshit have one iota to do with what we're discussing here. But keep at it Sparky, live your life vicarioulsy through those of us on here that actually jump and not just post about "the good old days." edited: spelling
  19. I am far from a skygod, but decent at basic math 96,640 / 5,280 = 18
  20. not sure that bathetic is what you really mean No it is haha. Bathetic, having bathos. Bathos definition: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bathos I am refering to number 3 in this definition, I guess I could have used the word tritness edited to add clicky for lazy folks
  21. Says the guy that doesn't even jump anymore Can you be any more bathetic?
  22. Appology accepted. So the S&T is the only person that speaks English at your DZ? Is that what you're saying?