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  1. hey #2, I have a question for you. What would happen if DZ.com was shut down? Could you skydive anymore? Where would you go for help? Or have you pissed off ALL the knowledgeable at your DZ and are stuck resorting to the fucking internet for answers? I am just curious why you seem to be so against asking for help in person? You post these cockamamie things on here for what? To get a rise? I mean seriously, they aren't to get help for real are they?
  2. You're mad at someone else for you deciding to land your crossfire without looking at the LZ first? yeah his rule seems a little rediculous, but come on dude.....
  3. So there is nothing to which you could ever possibly object about the way someone does business? Got it. Object all you want, I would personally just go somewhere else and let the guy hang himself (if anyone would be stupid enough to ban all the things you gave as an example).
  4. Whats wrong with this option? Seems like a win/win to me no? am i missing something?
  5. If the DZO wants to put himself out of business thats his problem isn't it? Who are ANY of us to demand how someone else is to run their business?
  6. You're directing your anger at the wrong person. You act like the DZO just came one day and threw his arms up in the air and screamed "thats it! no more wingsuits!" Come on man think about if for a minute, yeah your bummed out, but instead of crying about it try to contribute to a solution. I can assure you calling him the worst DZO isn't going to do jack shit for you.
  7. As a very wise man informed us, #2.
  8. So what discipline is next on the list? Does anyone else find it odd that wingsuiting is the next "target" in the name of "safety" before other, blatantly obvious disciplines? Why is a swoop course not on the radar? Not the next "hot thing" to cash in on? I mean seriously, what data points to the need at this time for a wingsuit instructor program over ANY other disciplines? This will get ignored I am sure.....
  9. You just dont get it do you. People do not want your viral keyboard dribble on every forum. This is a Topic specific forum not another place for you to stand on your soapbox and run your One Trick Pony Show. Please keep the shit that you spew in the BF, at least i know your posts are there and can reasonably avoid them. Hi squeak #2 gets it, He even gets off on it. 7000 posts in 3 yr's, There's gotta be a reason. #2 posted his pony show on a thread about the young lady that walked into a prop #2 isn't going change because of what anyone, or how many tell him off, because he can. I refer to the dude as #2, Baby slang in the US when potty training children. #2 knows his nickname, try it you might like it. #2 won't change but some of us can get a When he continues to with his pony show and ignors being called #2. Enjoy R This might be the funniest thing I have read on here in quite some time, for that I thank you sir! #2 hahahaahahaahahaha
  10. WTF are you talking about? You said you were upstate, having fun in salt water, with a rod, insinuating fishing???? I don't know, I was just curious about that statement, like 99% of your statements though, you can't make heads or tails of them.
  11. Yeah, if I were to do that would I walk around with my iPod in my ears, nope. Nothing like portraying the socially akward side of you like putting headphones on, staring at the ground and walking around with your hands in your pocket.
  12. So you're that guy eh? I feel for you man, you need some friends and a slight attitude adjustment.
  13. Can you tell me what body of salt water is in upstate NY?
  14. This never happened, I would bet any amount of money on that. If it were true, what is the significance of you stating that the person works for a fortune 500 company? Is that you trying to crowbar in that you hang out with important people? I have news for you, a fortune 500 company doesn't have HR put together or even understand the complexity of salaries and compensation. They have an entire department for that, called...compensation. You're a liar. I am not a troll, I am saying this in all honesty and don't care if I get laughs or not, what a concept.
  15. what kind of tool has 7,000 posts in 3 years? Nice life.
  16. Please for the love of god don't give them your SSN. I would call whoever your governing body is for your passport too, might be safe to get a new one. Just my .02 Well...if they have his passport #, and a buddy at the airport ~they prolly already HAVE the SSN. Can you explain this please? I have only taken 1 international flight, a bunch of domestic, and I have never given my SSN to the airlines. Is there something I don't know about? Thanks.
  17. Please for the love of god don't give them your SSN. I would call whoever your governing body is for your passport too, might be safe to get a new one. Just my .02
  18. You may want to re-think your post in light of the event in question happened on his jump 35...two years ago. But he is saying this NOW, as in he thinks this presently. 3 years of hanging around the DZ and you still think that hanging on the fronts of ANY canopy won't change the way it flies? How do you say it, oh yeah, time for bowling.
  19. been covered a bunch of times. If you dont have saddle bags big enough, get a gear bag and use that. Dont ever ride with just the rig on your back with no gear bag for obvious reasons. There is a story of some guy doing 80 down the road and wanted to see what would happen if he pulled his rip-cord (pre BOC days). Not a good scenario...
  20. This shows you still don't know much or understand canopy flight. When you change the glide angle by pulling on fronts, you WILL change the way a canopy flies. By your logic, a flare shouldn't work either on a student rig. I actually think you might be a troll.
  21. explain this please, you had the wherewithall to use thermals but sat there with the wind in your face pulling on your rears to get back? Then I notice you are on a canopy loaded 1.1:1 with averaging 20 jumps a year? Please talk to someone where you jump, the internet is NOT what you need right now.
  22. I also wonder if it would be better to take it a little low before deploying giving the woman a shorter time to have to hang on if she didnt fall out of the harness. I am not sure what thoughts were going through this "TI"'s mind, let's be honest that is one effed up situation to find yourself in. I still am baffled how she stayed in on deployment, really the whole god damn even baffles me.
  23. Another scary scenario is you reach up to steer, the risers twist and your hand gets wrapped up in the twist.