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  1. lookoutbelow

    New jumper

    What does "brand new" mean? Have you made any jumps? Started or completed AFF? An "A" license holder? Do you have an instructor to talk to about canopy makes and sizes appropriate for your experience level? As someone new you'll definitely want to error on the side of docile and a light wing loading. But if you haven't completed AFF yet, you'll want to do so before deciding on anything.
  2. lookoutbelow

    New Skydiver... Help me! Haha.

    I don't have my A license yet, but have completed AFF. I'm also very busy and can only make the trip to the DZ once a month on average. Still worth it, to me. I do live in the south though and can jump comfortably year round. Until you get your A license (minimum of 25 jumps), you'll need to jump at least every 30 days, or else you'll need to make a recurrency jump with an instructor. Not a big deal, but an additional cost. Your gear should be provided for you during AFF. After that, you'll either have to rent it from the DZ or buy your own. I bought my own rig (used) just for convenience, but lots of folks at my level rent. Whatever works for your situation.
  3. lookoutbelow

    Should I take a skydiving course?

    The headache may have been from adrenaline/stress, and maybe some related motion sickness. There is a good chance that won't happen again, or at least it will get better, then eventually stop after you become more comfortable and relaxed. That was my experience. Being two hours away is what would make me think twice. Will you have the time to go, and stay current?