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  1. I have 8.5 hours in a helicopter, working towards a private.
  2. Yes. I had so many things on my mind that I didn't focus on the very immediate task and I exited facing into the wind without an arch. The next few times I was at the door I just repeated "arch and legs, arch and legs" over and over and over to stop the other thoughts from taking over until I was stable.
  3. There is something to be said there. One of my favorite moments in sky diving was the first few times I was standing at the edge of the door, knowing I had to decide right then and there, and then doing it. That amazing feeling is now greatly diminished, even after my lowly jump numbers. I'd like it back.
  4. Two key moments that helped me. The first was my fifth AFF jump where I exited the plane without the instructor holding on. I botched it and immediately found myself back-flying. Flipped myself right on over and proceeded on plan. From that point on, free fall didn't worry me. I had confidence in being able to recover. The second was when I started packing my own parachute. Well, not that first time I did it... half didn't expect it to open. But after that first self-pack turned into success, the fear of opening malfunctions was gone (or is at least significantly less). I attribute that to having much better knowledge of the gear, and knowing that I packed it and can be sure I didn't skip any steps. Sure, it might malfunction anyway, but at least I start out with a consistent foundation. One less unknown.
  5. I have a Sabre 2 190 that I put in a V350, which is considered a full fit. This is what I learned to pack on and it was a major struggle for me. What I eventually did was to buy a dbag from a Vector where the 190 is considered a standard fit. Made it a little easier to get the canopy into the dbag, and still easy to get the dbag into the container. Obviously you might want to consult with some more experienced folk than myself if you decide to go this route. However, I think what really helped me was when I realized I didn't have to do all the folds at once and stick the canopy in the bag in one swoop. What I eventually started doing is what I think riggerrob is explaining. I make one fold (the middle one), stick that in the bag, make another fold, stick that in the back, then the slider end folder and stick that in. When I do this, my knees never leave the slider until it is time to do the slider fold. While I may lose cool points for this method, it has worked for me and all my openings have been good (in my very limited experience). Knock on wood.
  6. My first was a static line when I was 19. I didn't tell anyone I was going. Just went and did it. If I had been living with my parents, I probably would have told them before I did it, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have tried to stop me or explicitly told me not to. I'm sure they would have voiced concerns, but nothing beyond that.
  7. You convinced me. And, fwiw, I think you were probably on the load right before mine.
  8. I don't recall a tall goofy looking jumper. So either you weren't goofy enough, or our general space-time coordinates just never quite overlapped. I only had time for one jump. Load 9 I think it was? I got there around 11:30'ish and left around 1'ish. Short day for me.
  9. Congrats! I was there today too. Perfect weather it was.
  10. What does "brand new" mean? Have you made any jumps? Started or completed AFF? An "A" license holder? Do you have an instructor to talk to about canopy makes and sizes appropriate for your experience level? As someone new you'll definitely want to error on the side of docile and a light wing loading. But if you haven't completed AFF yet, you'll want to do so before deciding on anything.
  11. Sounds unlikely we'll run into each other anytime soon then. Usually the only weekday I can swing is Wednesday. And even that isn't very often.
  12. Excellent advice and thanks for expanding on the issues. It all makes sense and I can understand the hesistancy of all that would be involved.
  13. That's true. I was just thinking I'd like to get a photo of me and my father in freefall. He'll never jump solo, so the only way would be during a tandem.
  14. Thanks. The 19 commandments is what I had seen before. Couldn't remember what it was called. And not sure how I missed that other thread.