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  1. Something tells me he thinks nothing, you must be the one with the problem. Not enough guts to be identified with what you post?
  2. Something tells me he thinks nothing, you must be the one with the problem.
  3. 210 what? and you estimated it, how much do you weigh? then why are you on here? seriously you speak as if you already have everything figured out.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k0vUE69ywY
  5. really? you didnt seem to have much control on this jump.
  6. wow, is it lonely up on that horse? Suprise suprise, this guy is single. But he's not the one with the problem lol.
  7. https://brainbucket.co.uk/manufacturers/poc/poc-frontal-helmets-2010-dark-grey-black/prod_290.html
  8. but drilling might kill a fish or a piece of coral, you selfish jerk! *sarcasm*
  9. like said downsize please. rent some gear if you have to in the meantime, and tell whoever told you that about the 150 to go the nearest instructor immediately.
  10. you mean pinched the closing loop right? Locking flaps closed where the cutter is installed on top of them?
  11. He might have been better of as the reserve might not have entangled his main, and the departing main entangled with the reserve pc could have acted like a MARD/Skyhook. [might/maybe] maybe-- but I highly doubt it. The bottom line, his main is what ended up saving his ass, if it were cutaway, it is very likely it would have ended differently.
  12. Like this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49M8hD472_I Just imagine if he had cutaway before deploying his reserve.
  13. Really? are you sure about this?
  14. ugh, i missed it. anyone download it in time?
  15. +1 to what Twardo said about being receptive to advice. Good on you for considering, instead of just getting defensive. (I think we've all done that before...it's awful hard to say "maybe I was wrong" on these forums.) That being said, I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I'd like to give you a concrete example of the barrel roll issue. Here's one reason why it's not a good idea. The background: - 23-way tracking dive. - Instructions were to stick with the dive until planned breakoff, then fan out up to 90 degrees and track. - Also, organizers wanted people to do a barrel roll before deploying to "clear your airspace." I normally disagree with this logic, but for some reason didn't this time. What happened: - I was one of the last out. - About 500 feet before breakoff altitude, another jumper caught my burble and took me out. My audible went off, and since I knew I was one of the last people getting in, I turned 90 degrees and tracked. - Right before deployment, since I knew I was one of the first ones to turn and track, I said "why not?" and did a barrel roll. You can see what happened. So, in no particular order, here's a few reasons not to do a barrel roll to "clear your airspace:" 1 - A good deal of people can't stay on-heading and keep a stable track while doing a barrel roll. 2 - If you *think* you see someone above you, what are you going to do? If you change heading to correct, how do you know they're not doing the exact same thing? How do you change heading without screwing the guy tracking to your R or L? Try and consider all these variables and make a decision what to do in the 15 seconds or so before you interface with the planet. 3 (My case, video link above) - You never know when some idiot who went low on the tracking dive will decide "Fuck it, I'm not getting back in" and decide to sitfly for the rest of the jump. Anyway, that's my take on it. If you're looking behind you, you're not looking where you're going...and thus are becoming part of the problem you're trying to avoid. Ultimately, had there been a collision, it would have been my fault. Because the low many always has the right of way. You can scan to your L and R while tracking off, looking over your shoulders and adjusting accordingly if someone seems to drift into your airspace. But barrel-rolling at the bottom end? Bad idea. Also, apologies to @shibu for the thread drift. Just wanted to clear that up, as it's something I hear a lot of newer jumpers saying, without considering the pluses and minuses of it. What was the decided break off altitude and deployment alti? thanks for sharing that, that was a close one.
  16. Like what? I have heard from others that this is the bulk of the course with BG, in addition to some great potentially life saving lessons in packing and canopy control. What courses have you taken that you can comment on?
  17. Man that is some SCARY stuff! I would ride the plane down, sell my stuff and be done. Not judging them at all, but being that close to most likely dying, I think I'd be all set.
  18. with a loose or unfastened chest strap in head down, i could see the rig slipping off a body kind of easily. All it would take is the rig slipping off the shoulders and you are in a heap of trouble. I dont know the jumper, and neither do most of the people in this thread I assume. So I would never speculate suicide without a note etc. and would reccomend for the sake of people that did know him, you do the same. BSBD
  19. If your that concerned, contact the dz, and point out the video to him. Might be a more productive use of your time. and you'd be a hero!! http://www.ephesusdz.com Here's the website!! edited to make people more productive, and less bitchy. I thoughr for a minute we were on a DISCUSSION FORUM. Sorry about that, didn't mean to ruin your day chief. By the way, link doesn't work.
  20. How long til this guy gets hurt/dead/kills people? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3llUIGLFchk&NR=1
  21. Nice work! The only thing I can reccomend, is to try to not use words like "only" or anything else that people might view as a slanted or biased opinion. Other than that, that is a really nice breakdown.
  22. the message depends on manufacturer and how the cutter is broken. It might fail the cutter test and give an error, but it might not.