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  1. I am clearly not someone like you, thank god. A post whore who has over 10 times as many posts as jumps. Seriously, get a clue and stop being so oblivious to the fact that YOU are the common denominator in so many disagreements. All be it with people that have 10-15 times more time in the sport, and 100's of times more jumps. I think you are just a troll to be honest.
  2. Some nice edits, but man-o-man was he close!
  3. PiLFy, This can't be the first time you have heard this and this is probably a waste of time, but here goes. Did you ever think that you are the problem when you get in arguments on here? People like Pops, Chuck, Dave etc. have been in this sport for a SHITLOAD more time than most people. They have been through and seen the changes, heard about the "new" ways of doing things and are probably the smartest skydiving resources we have. Yet you continuously disagree with them, and in not such a nice way I might add. You come across like a condescending, cocky, entitled, arrogant person that quite frankly doesn’t (and can't given experience) know what the hell they (you) are talking about. Seriously, stop and think about what you are saying and doing. It is literally like you walking up to Tiger Woods, ripping the driver out of his hands and saying "let me show you how it’s done." People who act like that have NO place in this sport AT ALL! In fact, people like this are not a pleasure to be around in life at all.....PERIOD. I'm sure this is falling on deaf ears, to be honest I hope someone who has similar personality traits reads this and maybe it gets through to them, because this CAN't be the first time you have heard this in life.
  4. Go to a diffrent DZ if you'r not happy. Have you talked with the DZO about your concerns? You might be suprised how well a little communication goes (assuming you haven't tried yet).
  5. Doesn't add up really. Either it's an exagguration, or the worlds crappiest rigger and packers follow him.
  6. this is what I though too, I cant really imagine anyone would jump that configuration in a sport rig.
  7. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/detail_page.cgi?ID=114936;d=1 This one??
  8. Did you tell them that? Chances are they would like to know that.
  9. Nobody said anything about a low cutaway. You said reserves malfunction and not everything is black and white. Given this TI had altitude and half his canopy was not inflated, he should have used his reserve. If you deny that, well I guess the next quote may be true...
  10. Care to share some data about this statement? Lots? Really, what percentage of cutaways ended that way to do you think?
  11. talk to some jumpers you look up to and talk about your fears with them, the best would be your past instructors. Maybe its time for a recurrency class/jump and get back on the horse so to speak. What exactly are you nervous about, everyone is nervous to a degree......
  12. a few other things. How about the reserve handle out What about tapping the pilot on the shoulder when he is dealing with an issue? Was the jumper looking for direction? Pretty sufice to say GET OUT no?
  13. We felt in here in Boston too, but everyone here is cool and calm because our city is better than yours Yankees suck.
  14. I imagine no matter what the outcome (legally) he will be. I just can't think of a way to give him any benefit of any doubt. Maybe, MAYBE, had they not been labeled as non-standard issue and he was ignorant to that fact. But man-o-man thats a lot of guilt to live with if something bad happened, I can't see the risk-reward there at all.
  15. Well he (the theif) logged in to the forum today, I'm sure he's reading this. I know what its like for people to make mistakes, especially when there backs are against the wall (speculation) in regards to money. Maybe he'll post and at least clarify what the labels said. I can't imagine another skydiver putting other skydiviers at risk, for any amount of money. Also, I wonder if the person that had the AAD fire would post about any identifying marks or dipslays on the screen so others arent hurt.
  16. ok, would that not fail the controlability check then? this doesnt even pass visual.
  17. I cant believe anyone is actually in favor of this guy landing that, with a passenger. I count 5, 5 of 9 cells inflated properly! are you kidding me? If this was a sport canopy would you try to land it? Let alone being responsible for someone else's life. If I look up and see that, its gone 100% of the time. I'd bet a very large percentage of jumpers have the same line of thinking.
  18. Cutaway handle can be done by you, like stated already. Do you have a pillow handle for your reserve? Have you given any thought to getting a D-ring for your reserve?
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjKl6QIhvr0&feature=related
  20. is there a thread or video of this incident?
  21. However you wish to justify it to yourself is up to you. There are some dead people that thought the same way, hopefully you won't end up like them.