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  1. How would someones helmet or googles cause a collisions? I guess outside of fogging up. Has there been any incidents in the past where the the jumper(if they lived to tell) said their goggles and or helmet contributed to the unfortunate incidents?
  2. That dude tried to pull some shit on me. I told him the price for the canopy has gone up because the serial # on the canopy was traced and found to be the one George Bush jumped for his 60th birthday. I haven't heard from him since.
  3. tristansdad

    Where to jump?

    From the UK? I'd go to Spain. In the States, somewhere out west in California or Utah. Perris, Eloy, Lodi..........
  4. I thought Jersey Shore did just Tandems. Maybe I'm wrong. The Ranch however; does it all. There is another DZ in Jersey called Cross Keys.
  5. tristansdad


    I only have about 50 jumps on my 150 loading it at 1.4 and Im very happy with it. I just need to learn the fine art of flying through the openings. I transitioned over from the Sabre 2 150. I found that the stiletto can be as docile or as radical as you want. Rear riser turns are very fast compaired to the Sabre. Im no swooper so I've been doing front risers up high and i find that as soon as I let up the recovery is very shallow and I can feel the canopy actually gain altitude. At the bottom end the fair is very powerful. This canopy is easy as hell to land. The more speed I get the better the two stage flair is and this wing actually makes it look like I know what I'm doing. The thing I need to work out is the bad habits I developed putting over four hundred jumps on a Sabre. The Stiletto will let me know when I have bad body position on opening. I do get some great openings when I fly it right but if I get a little lazy it will let me know. The openings are faster than the Sabre but they are not hard. Over all I think its going to be a great tool to introduce me into the world of high performance canopies.
  6. tristansdad

    Skydive Sebastian

    it was my first trip to the invasion boogie and it couldn't have been better. four planes running all day and not shutting down. very organized and safe. landing patterns were enforced and the airplane pilots were top notch. these guys love skydiving and it showed. this place was loaded with talent in just about every discipline of the sport. no wonder jumpers from all over the country and the world go there. the view is one of the best. right on the florida coast line. if you need anything there is a walmart and a publix within 15 minutes of the dz. also plenty of good places to go eat and drink up and down highway 1. Simply put a skydiving resort. my girlfriend and I camped on the dropzone just 100 feet from the bonfire. I was always able to get a hot shower and breakfast before starting our day of jumping. the staff was very friendly even while getting more than 80 jumpers at a time manifested and organized. I've been to zhills and deland. they are great places as well but I could really make sebastian a home dz and my girlfriend would agree. I did some great jumps during my four day stay and I just want to thank skydive sebastian for some of the most cherished memories of my skydiving career. you guys really set the bar.....
  7. tristansdad

    Skydive Atlanta

    I and a friend of mine made the trip to Thomaston to check out Skydive Atlanta. We were not disappointed. Although it was a holiday weekend and a bit slow it didn’t matter. We felt welcomed almost from the moment we arrived. We got through manifest in no time and were on the second load of the day. Their King Air gets up to 14 grand in about 8 minutes so don’t get to comfortable. They are very adamant about all canopies flying left hand patterns for landing which is a very good thing in my opinion. Although I didn’t have an off landing it wouldn’t be an issue because there is nothing but open fields for miles around the DZ. My friend who needed to do her A license check dive was met with nothing but enthusiasm from the staff to help her get it done. I was approached a few times from other jumpers organizing some skydives to see if I was interested. I didn’t get a chance to this time but I can assure you I will when I return again very soon. The packing area is huge. No waiting for an area of mat to pack on. A whuffo friend of ours who tagged along even got packing lessons for free. My only regret is that they are a 5 hour drive away. I guess I’m just going to have to wait until the next long weekend.
  8. tristansdad


    I've put almost 30 jumps on my Wings that wasn't even custom built for me and I often find myself double checking to make sure I'm still wearing it after I exit. Its that comfortable even though it's not even broke in yet. This is my third container and I've jumped others but my wings stands out. Compared to the cost of other rigs I got mine at a nice price as well. I think my next container will be a custom built Wings.