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  1. How would someones helmet or googles cause a collisions? I guess outside of fogging up. Has there been any incidents in the past where the the jumper(if they lived to tell) said their goggles and or helmet contributed to the unfortunate incidents?
  2. That dude tried to pull some shit on me. I told him the price for the canopy has gone up because the serial # on the canopy was traced and found to be the one George Bush jumped for his 60th birthday. I haven't heard from him since.
  3. On a US Airway flight to Charlotte. I didn't have my gear with me and it probably would have resulted in criminal charges if I had.
  4. Would you come on this forum ask when you would be ready to downsize? I now I wouldn't
  5. When hell freezes over and I actually find myself back in France I may reference that chart.
  6. Its good to see you're not in favor of restricting 2nd Amendment rights.
  7. Who cares as long as the TI has at least 200 jumps.
  8. Its going to be her or skydiving but you cant have both. Good Luck!
  9. How does one have the time to accumulate over 52 thousand posts?
  10. I was actually being sarcastic and adding nothing of value to the conversation. But if I was to give my 2 cents worth, I would say doing S turns on final is a complete violation of canopy flying ethics and should be discouraged at all skill levels.
  11. would you want to be behind someone on final doing S turns? especially it they're wearing a gopro and they have less than 200 jumps? thats every jumpers worst nightmare.
  12. Your jumping gear that's not built for you and your new to jumping. I remember having bruises on my inner thighs when I first started. I was jumping Dolphin containers and they really weren't built for comfort. If and when you get your own sport rig it shouldn't be a problem. If it is then you have bigger issues.
  13. 3) They're hard metal boxes firmly strapped right across one's spine. Poo Happens. If there's a canopy collapse while landing, or a hard free fall collision. That small metal box could snap your spine, transect your spinal cord, & leave you paralyzed. Now you're just making shit up. If you don't want to spend the money then say so. If your canopy collapses on landing the AAD could transect your spine? WTF.
  14. Your first mistake is posting on and letting everybody know you're jumping only a Katana 135 with such high jump numbers.