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  1. Nowjamessays

    New to sport parachuting

    Usually around 800 ft
  2. Nowjamessays

    Significant others

    That's definitely part of it. I don't understand it though. She wasn't scared when I was jumping military static line from under 1000 ft in a mass exit. I don't think I've done a jump without at least one person getting injured. Skydiving is relatively safe in comparison
  3. Nowjamessays

    Significant others

    Never give in to "It's skydiving or me!" You'll live to regret it. Are you married or just "in a relationship"? Married almost 10 years with a couple kids. It would never come down to an ultimatum like that
  4. Nowjamessays

    Significant others

    You probably hit the nail on the head
  5. Nowjamessays

    Significant others

    I really hope I'm misinterpreting that comment
  6. Nowjamessays

    Significant others

    After 10 years, I can't just trade her in for a new model
  7. Nowjamessays

    Significant others

    How did you get them to the point where they're okay with you spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on this sport? Mine shoots laser beams out of her eyes anytime I mention it
  8. Nowjamessays

    New to sport parachuting

    Skydive Temple in Salado
  9. Nowjamessays

    New to sport parachuting

    Not very far, a whole 18 jumps. I'd be done if the weather wasn't so bad lately. The staff at dz are probably surviving on ramen noodles and cheap beer at the moment. I don't think they've been able to get the plane up for a few weeks now.
  10. Nowjamessays

    New to sport parachuting

    I Spent a few years at ft Bragg jumping military static line. I moved to Texas where there aren't any airborne units. I missed jumping so much I decided to give skydiving a shot. Might of been the best decision I've made in my life
  11. Nowjamessays

    Common sense.. not so common

    Soldiers make generally poor decisions, especially at Bragg. I remember one that decided to take his pet goldfish on his last jump, took a selfie, and then posted it all over Facebook for the world (and his chain of command) to see. Generally poor decisions...