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  1. 21 minutes. Yes I timed it.
  2. Kalrigan

    AFF Stuggles

    First things first. Stop saying "fail/failed/failing". You're not failing, you're practicing. Failing is if you simply walked away accepting defeat of some sort, but you're not doing that. You're just practicing. Just like basketball players practice shooting, just like soccer players practice free kicks or corner or whatever, just like olympians practice their routines/tricks etc... Realistically think about it, you have about 6 minutes of practice. What have you gotten really good at after 6 minutes of practice? Nothing. You need to think of it like that, you need to relax, and remember that you're doing this for fun. FUN, that's the most important part. Does it matter if you have to repeat a jump to practice it more? No absolutely not, as long as you're having fun and learning from every jump, pulling on time, and landing safely that's what your concern should be. The more stress you put on yourself the worst you will perform. Remember that repeating some jumps doesn't represent the type of skydiver you will become in the future. Many sky ninjas and rockstars repeated jumps as well, and if you were to see them now you would think they were born to fly. One of the best belly flyers I know had to repeat a bunch, hell one jump about 8 times yet here we are years later and it's a completely different image. Skydiving isn't easy, not only do you have new skills to learn like in every other sport/activity but also you have to do them while you're fighting your basic human instinct by jumping out of a plane, a place where we biologically don't belong. It "clicks" when you remember fun, when you remember that you're practicing, and when you land safely and enjoy the skydive for what it was no matter the "result". Don't walk away if you actually enjoy jumping, that would be considered failure. Everything else is just fun. Enjoy it. PS: Best relaxing tip I can give you is to smile. That did wonders to me when I started. It helps your body relax.
  3. I was just planning to book a trip this January to Dubai for Palm Jumping, came here to see if anyone posted anything haha. When is your trip supposed to be? I just got in touch with a friend there, apparently they are awaiting for airplanes to arrive now, one already has and is getting painted right now while no ETA on the other so far. That's all I could find out.
  4. Kalrigan

    New to the forum and to skydiving

    Welcome man. I myself I'm in Toronto and working on my PFF too, almost done and excited as ****. How are you enjoying it so far?
  5. Kalrigan

    Bonjour from Montreal!

    Congratulations man. I'm about to start my AFF/PFF in a week and a half and hopefully get it done very soon. Personally I'm from Toronto but once I get my stuff done maybe I'll drop by Montreal and we'll hit up the DZ.