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  1. That song is called "On Tour" by Bliss n Eso.
  2. Don't use Red Hat Linux. They stopped supporting and making updates to it years ago.
  3. D/L Malware Bytes onto a thumb drive on a different computer or something and install it in Safe Mode. Run it in Safe Mode, then boot up in normal mode, update Malware Bytes, then re-run it. I've had success doing it that way on three computers.
  4. Just wanted to add that Brian's book is called "The Parachute and it's Pilot".
  5. Who in the fuck poses with guns for their wedding pictures anyway?
  6. I'm 200 pounds and I bought an almost new Wings rig with a 230 PD Storm (7 cell), 225 reserve for $3,500 from a rigger at the DZ. The rig was manufactured in 2006, was in excellent condition and only had a handful of jumps on it. The main had 150-200. I also bought a Cyp2 with about a year and a half left on it and had it installed for 100 bucks. I don't have enough experience to compare canopies, but I can say that the Storm, which I think is a hybrid, is a dream compared to the student Navigators of similar size I learned on. It opens really long and softly and responds much better to input than the student canopies. While the landings seem a little faster than the Navs for me, I have no problem standing them up .. even on a downwinder the other day.
  7. Eating shells is fine .. but pooping them out is not. I learned that the hard way with Jalapeno sunflower seeds one time.
  8. I read something like this in a management book once .. Just because you're an expert in your field, does not mean you're an expert at running a business in your field.
  9. I think I remember reading in the manual that it has to reach a speed of 13m/sec to count as a jump unless you put it into Slow mode.
  10. I did a hop and pop from 13k yesterday and pulled right out the door. My pro-track didn't log the jump at all.
  11. I got mad love for my troops with boots on the ground. Keep your head down Matt and come home safely to your family.
  12. DigitalDave


    I have FTW in a tattoo on my arm that I got 20 years ago when I was a bike ridin' heathen. Sometimes, I still think that way. I feel ya bro.
  13. I think it's that some of us newer skydivers don't realize that us old SL guys didn't wear goggles at all.
  14. I saw a tandem video once where on the way up to altitude, the cameraman says "are you nervous?" .. the pax says "a little" .. then the vidiot says "I was talking to Jim (the TI)." That one made me chuckle. Also, there's a thread on here somewhere where a tandem passenger thought he was cutaway from the instructor during a mal. I thought it would be funny to explain .. "this is the passenger cutaway handle ... If I don't think I can land with you attached, pulling this handle will jettison you from me so I can land safely".
  15. Right after opening the other day, I realized I had left my keyring hooked to a belt loop. It has the only key I have for one of my cars. I had plenty of altitude so I thought about taking them off and putting them in a cargo pocket, but I was afraid I'd drop them. So, I left them alone and all was well. Has anyone lost objects other than the the obvious helmet, goggles, camera, shoes and gloves while in the sky?
  16. That's a pretty cool game. Try The Amazing Contraption. It's a little more fun I think.
  17. Fucking Shankman must be the basis for the Dos Equis "World's Most Interesting Man". Can I be your wingman Peter?
  18. Use Malware Bytes - AntiMalware. The new trend is virii is to use the registry to redirect HTTP requests, not the Host file. MB is up to speed on it.
  19. Chill a bit? Check yourself cuz. I asked a simple question for clarification because I didn't understand the verbage.
  20. I don't understand what the practical application of this is. The video section here appears to simply embed youtube video objects. What do you mean by "stream through this site"?
  21. Kancho is more fun than sack tapping anyway.
  22. It was a different stroke.