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  1. Yep, like Shropshire said. Then put an OnLoad event in the BODY tag.
  2. I'm a PHP programmer, but I'm not looking for a job. I know a few that I can pass on the info to if you would PM your email address to me. Unfortunately, I don't know any that are skydivers though.
  3. I've never understood why one man would say this to another. Is the intent to insult him for being gay for sucking your cock .. but you wouldn't be gay for letting him? I don't get it.
  4. Personally, I don't see the big deal with people pointing out other's mistakes. I've had folks at the DZ give me critiques on things that I already knew and/or had already been talked to about. I'd rather hear it five times from five different people than zero times. I'm just glad someone cares enough to want to help me. Likewise, I have thick skin, so I don't condemn the messenger for his method of delivery. Not everyone can deliver a Brian Germainesqe critique and make us feel warm and fuzzy while simultaneously telling us we're wrong. I'm sure if davelepka posted a video of him making a mistake, he'd get crushed on here. But I suspect, he'd man up and and say "yeah, I fucked up".
  5. Thanks for explaining this guys. Both in this thread and in PM's. I keep omitting the "moving with the air mass" part from my thought process. I guess wind would matter in BASE though ?
  6. I know it doesn't really "matter" until you land, but in the context of this thread, I was saying that there must be a point during opening where the body's airspeed and the canopy's airspeed do not match. So, the forward movement of the canopy relative to the body is not the same which means their airspeeds cannot be the same .. which means .. wind does matter during opening .. however slightly.
  7. That all makes sense except this part. If that were true, how come I don't fly at the same forward airspeed in freefall as a I do under canopy when I'm in the same air mass? It seems like the only time the wind matters is during the transition from freefall to canopy flight, when the body's airspeed does not match the canopy's.
  8. I realize that airspeed is a constant. My disconnect is that during opening, the wind resistance on the canopy is greater than the resistance on just the body alone. At some point the canopy begins to pull the jumper forward at it's airspeed. It seems like wind into the nose would slow down the canopy relative to the jumper more than wind in the tail would.
  9. I spose you're talking about the "touching the ground versus not touching the ground" .. I understand the difference in ground speed and wind speed. But it seems like wind in the nose is more stable than wind in the tail regardless of either speed.
  10. Honest noob question here. Is the person suggesting the reason they get a better opening is because wind into the nose inflates the canopy much more stably than wind into the tail. That seems reasonable to me. Not trolling here, but why is that not true?
  11. They don't pull him back in the plane, they use HUPRA and cut him loose.
  12. He posted some equally touching thoughts on Twitter not long ago as well.
  13. The whois on resolves to someone in Arizona who also appears to be the owner of
  14. Those could be congenitally un-fused vertebrae like those found in Klippel-Feil syndrome .. not necessarily the result of trauma.
  15. I am a CT tech and I had a female patient have an orgasm on two separate occasions after injecting her with IV contrast (OptiRay320). I had to tell her to stop wiggling around over the intercom because we weren't done scanning. Both times, she begged me for another injection or to give her some to take home.
  16. A medical imaging bill is always broken down into a "Technical Component" and a "Professional Component". Sometimes, when the interpreting physician is an owner or an employee of the facility and not a contractor, they will bill "Globally" and you'll get only one bill.
  17. That is pretty cool. Did Procol Harum do A Whiter Shade of Pale? I love that song.
  18. Nice, but fake. Photoshop +1
  19. If I understand what you're saying, it sounds like you need to use a REPLACE query instead of INSERT.
  20. I don't think there's a permanent DZ near there. There is skydiving during bridge day at a nearby airport though. I think they come from South Point Ohio. The only DZ in WV I'm aware of is near Huntington.
  21. I have a pair of Gatorz Wraptors that I wear everyday and for jumping. I think I paid about $140 for them. They're aluminum and easily bent to fit your face. I have kind of a big nose and it's difficult to find glasses to form a good seal on me .. but these seem to do a great job keeping the wind out, even when I'm flailing around trying to sit. Also, someone stepped on them once, bent them to shit and popped both lenses out. I reshaped them on a fence post and put the lenses back in and have not had any problems with them.
  22. I've been married for 21 years and I won't say I've been shut off, but at some point it changed from doing it when I wanted (daily), to doing only when she wants it (roughly bi-weekly). I think that happened at about the 5 year mark. I know some females who consider it their duty to keep their husband satisfied that way .. and others (like my wife) who will only do it if she's actually into it.
  23. Here's a few that I have on my IPod. Karnivool - All I Know - Katatonia - My Twin - One Minute Silence - Holy Man - Ahmir/Owl City - Fireflies - Puscifer - Queen B - Korn / The Cure - Coming Undone / Lullaby -
  24. I herniated 7 discs in my cervical and thoracic spine on an SL jump in the army about 15 years ago. I had to quit jumping and doing much of anything for several years. It would gimp me up so bad, I couldn't hardly stand up straight for weeks. My left hand would spasm and my forearm muscles quiver and shake. I had injections and physical therapy for about a year after but declined surgery for fear it would be worse. For about 10 years, the pain would randomly come on, or be brought on by some activity I did (never, ever jump on a trampoline if you have a bad neck). I always wanted to skydive and decided to give it a shot last year .. assuming I'd end up in pain and on the traction machine again if the openings weren't feather soft. I take special care to pull stable and not allow my head to slam down on my chest at opening and haven't even had one stiff neck from skydiving yet. Granted I jump a big ole 230 Storm that opens like a dream. I've had a couple not-so-soft openings from sloppy packing and poor body position, but 90 some jumps later and I've had no slammers on it yet. I will continue to jump, but at the first hint of neck pain, I will sit on the ground until it's gone. When I downsize, I will look for a system with a nice long snivel and soft opening.