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  1. Your bowling instructor should have given you the Skydiving talk. If you got injured, it was clearly his fault. Yank his ratings and sue the ball manufacturer.
  2. This .. .. is what got him fired. Not this .. There is no employee "right" to give personal opinions to customers .. at least not in my state.
  3. Oh and here's some links for anyone unfortunate enough to not be familiar with Karnivool. From their new album .. All I Know - Goliath - Older album .. Themata - Lifelike -
  4. I'm sure the Aussie crew here is familiar with them, but they are finally touring in the US for those that care. Any other 'Vool fans on the east coast that plan to make the March 26 show in Jacksonville NC, or possibly March 28th show in Charleston SC? Here's the tour dates from their site.
  5. I didn't have it on my computer. That's a pic from the infamous "Flask fucker and the fruit hat" post on It's a long read, but kinda funny if you're into SA type humor.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. They must have just added the one that's on this site fairly recently. I never noticed it before. I'm from a small town about 40 miles north of where Bridge Day is held. In fact, the geographical center of the state is in my hometown (Sutton). It's pretty flat in NC, so I can't wait to jump in the mountains. The scenery must be awesome from 13,5. Also, don't tell anyone, but Billy secretly loves Skyride. :p~
  7. One thing I've always worried about is someone pouring molten lead into my ear while I'm sleeping. My wife says this is irrational. I suspect she'll be the one doing the pouring one day. I wonder if other people have similar odd fears.
  8. I'm from WV (I live in NC now) and will be licensed soon and want to go home to jump in the mountains. I can't seem to find any DZs in the state. There are none in Parachutist mag, and all the sites on the web appear to be SkyRide sites. In fact, some of the pics on the SkyRide sites obviously aren't even from WV. I have never seen a body of water in WV like the one on this site .. I read on a Bridge Day site somewhere that there was skydiving at nearby Summersville airport, but I can't find a website for it. Any WV jumpers around?
  9. You try to zero out your watch before going up an elevator. You cite a 15 MPH headwind as defense for a speeding ticket. You triple check that your belt isn't misrouted after going to the bathroom.
  10. That's awesome! I figured someone had done it. Is there anything that hasn't been done while skydiving? I'd pay to see a couple midgets in a tandem wingsuit.
  11. Surely someone has done this. Is there a Swoop -n- Poop accuracy competition or CReW -n- Crap or something?
  12. Some people wear Superman pajamas .. Superman wears Shankman pajamas.
  13. Go into Control Panel -> System -> Hardware Tab and click Device Manager. Scroll down to the network device that has a yellow or red icon next to it. Right click and then left click "Update Driver". Choose the location you downloaded the driver to.
  14. I used to work at an ISP as a programmer several years ago. One day the receptionist forwarded me a call from a potential customer that wanted to setup a website selling stuff. That's what I did, so I took the call. After 30 min of beating around the bush, she finally told me her product was used panties. She was a stripper that said several men had asked her to sell them, so she decided to make it a website. The interesting part was when she started quoting me prices. It was something like this. worn 1 day: $30 worn 3 days: $40 with yellow in front, brown in back: $50 with pubes in them: $60 worn during menstrual cycle: $70 etc. She had a vacuum sealer that she'd seal them up for mailing and send them off. My boss was old fashioned and was afraid to have such content on his servers, so he had me quote her a ridiculously high number which she balked at. I'm still considering hiring a model to pose in panties for a website, then wearing them myself and selling them. My used whitey tighties are up for auction right now if anyone wants to bid.
  15. Noob question follows: I just started skydiving , but I haven't seen a rig with the cutaway on the left and the reserve on the right. Is it personal choice as to which side the handles are on, or is that just how left handed people set their rigs up?
  16. Are you certain the DB software is not locking the files/directories? Did you copy the directories, or you re made them entirely? Could you make directories prior to installing the DB software? Although copying raw binary DB files directly will work in most cases, it's usually preferable to dump the data, create the new DB from the schema and source the data in. This is especially true if moving between DB versions, or file systems/OS's etc. You run the risk of transferring corrupt tables otherwise. It's probably outside the scope of this thread, but allowing users to write to a directory that contains raw DB files is never a good idea.
  17. I wanna ride with DD but I'm nowhere near Florida.
  18. Screw me for being a non motorcycle type person ... but WTF is a Guzzi? I'm assuming they're high end bikes. I seriously never heard of them before I saw someone else mention them on this site.
  19. He probably left out the rest of the story where the bride says no to the groom and then jumps on the back of Peter's rocket powered, supersonic motorcycle as they race off to a palm laden secret beach oasis for frozen melon balls and raw sex atop stacks of one hundred dollar bills. Shankman is the man .. like the dude in the Dos Equis commercials.
  20. Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) by Eamon.
  21. Here's the video.
  22. Why would you want an MBA, of all things, if you were rich?
  23. Fly over manifest. Shit in your hand and fling it at the next load. Call it a hop-n-poop and buy beer!