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  1. Mine threw a coffee mug at my head once for busting out the "C" word during a minor argument. Luckily, I dodged it. She said if I used that word again, she'd make sure the mug hits me in square in the dome next time. I'm not sure why that word illicits such a strong response from females.
  2. Mine used to throw shit at me cause I have a tendency to say stuff she doesn't appreciate. Oblig video - My Gilfriend Beats Me by Grieves
  3. I always liked "213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the US Army". .. some of my favorites ..
  4. That's why I told you in the BBIM group that everyone needs to take a shower before sex DD. I know you can't stand me, but I was right about that.
  5. I'm not sure what language it is.
  6. Good stuff man. The female singer sounds like a smoother version of Fergie. I like the song Brass Knuckles. The beats remind me of DeJeous.
  8. I didn't take it the wrong way at all. It was all fun and games until it turned into a pissing contest with a couple people one night. At that point, I turned on the trolling and it irritated some. I think the majority of you guys are funny as hell and I'd still buy you all a beer. If you want to nutpunch me, we'll do a belly RW fist fight (I can't FF yet). The loser buys the next round. It's all good.
  9. You mad sir? Name one thing I said that was disrespectful and directed toward any single person. When some of you called me names .. I laughed it off. I did not go third-grade and cry about being offended. When the droolcups wanted to come to my DZ and beat me down over pixel drama, I didn't get all emo and scream for them to be mod'ed. A couple of ya'll brought it .. and I brought it back harder .. people got their feelings hurt. This is why we can't have nice things.
  10. I trolled the BB group a little bit and irritated the trollees enough to get some pretty nasty PM's. For every person that 'gets' it, there's 10 that take things too seriously and get a sandy vag.
  11. I've noticed an interesting trend. As my time spent at the DZ increases, my time getting freaky with the ole lady decreases. Someone once told me that becoming a skydiver would get me laid more often. I didn't realize it would be with Pamela Handerson though.
  12. 1:4:1 - Got my A license this weekend.
  13. That sounds more like WIFE syndrome than ADHD.
  14. Curious what this malfunction is. My newbie eyes tell me the main pin is extracted without the ripcord/hackey being pulled (or however they do it on tandems). I'm guessing it's from the bridle coming out and pulling out the bag ? Unfortunately, the video doesn't show how he handled it.
  15. Not sure if this is the proper place for this but I figured someone might learn from my mistake. I have a bonehead gunner helmet with a plastic friction-type adapter on the chin strap. I never cut the excess 3 inches of strap webbing off once I fit it to me. Normally, it's stowed under the foam chin piece. It came out in free fall today and slapped against my neck hard enough to draw blood. Lesson learned .. don't let anything potentially flap around in free fall. Cut that shit off, or make damn sure it's stowed. That's gonna leave a mark.
  16. Because the no-no spot lives next door to an asshole?
  17. He was the pilot according to this article. And, he set his own house on fire before crashing the plane.
  18. This is a continuation of a discussion I had in the BB group some time ago. I suggested that everyone should shower within a few hours before sex, if not immediatly prior. Some people said I was correct, some said I must be a germophobe or, I must be getting the freak on with nasty skanks. Do you feel showering is necessary prior to sex ?
  19. I was gonna make my own BB group of cool peeps since I pissed off the BB group and had to leave in a hissy. But, I'm too dumb to figure it out .. and I have no friends. G, will you make a group for me and recruit a bunch of potty mouthed ho's for entertainment? 31E767FB
  20. I did AFF recently and here's approximately what it cost me. AFF - Jump 1 = $400 (ground school, tunnel, two instructors) Jumps 2-3 = 205 ea. = $410 (two instructors) Jumps 4-8 = 165 ea. = $825 (one instructor) USPA membership = $60 Solo - Jumps 9-15 = 50 ea. = $350 (ticket, gear rental, packing) Jumps 16-24 = 44 = $296 (ticket, gear rental) Jump 25 (check dive) = $165 (one instructor) So, AFF cost me about $1,695. To finish solo status is about $811 more, for a grand total of $2,506 to get A licensed. That doesn't account for altimeter $150, helmet $180, goggles/glasses $150, jumpsuit $150 ... a few little things like log book, hook knife, gloves etc .. and lottsa beer monies for fuckups and firsts. As a student, you pay beer when you do good, or when you do bad .. so just buy everyone beer. Your cost will vary depending on the total number of jumps you do with instructors. If you have to repeat levels, you'll probably have to pay again.
  21. I don't know much. But I don't think he's talking about a competition team. I've only got 20 jumps, but I found myself being absorbed into a group of long time jumpers that hang at my local DZ. I started talking to them after watching them do CReW one day .. and since then, they try and include me on their jumps and tailor them to my experience level. We're not a team, but they kinda took me under their wing and they spend a lot of time helping me learn. I've met tons of people by just being at the DZ. 90% of them are very helpful and willing to help us newbies out. The other 10% are'ers.
  22. This one's a neat time waster if you're into Flash games.
  23. Crazy people don't know they're crazy.