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  1. Please post your double mal something out backfly techniques.
  2. SIM. If you don't get that, go to a DZ and seek out an instructor.
  3. buff

    Verizon Commercial??

    Obviosly you failed to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that states, PROFESSIONALS - DO NOT ATTEMPT.
  4. buff

    Online First Jump Course

    Personally I like it. It is a natural way to learn for most folks nowdays. People want information so they turn to the web. Having jumped with people who went thru Jen's course I think it an option who's time has come. That said, Jen was my Coach Course I/E but I don't jump at her DZ very much. She is an excellent teacher and even though I was not familiar with her on-line FJC at the time, she explained it and then we incorporated the instructional elements of the method into our coach course. I am very familiar with the LZ picture and the dry erase in the video
  5. buff

    N00Bs here is a thought

    It's better than the N00Bs taking your Loveline advice
  6. What kind of approach/turn? One course said not even worth using rears until 270+ but I've used them on 90s and 180s. It's a feel thing I suppose. I started by just landing using rears on a straight in and get comfortable with that.
  7. buff

    More old gear bigotry

    Last year a couple of our "old guys" jumped a rig with a ParaCommander last jumped like in 85 or so. I think the rig had blast handles. Pretty cool. Another jumper we have jumps with a Racer that I swear was the rig Jesus used in his FJC before he sold it to D-1 Lew. I do belly with him weekly. I have an old Talon and a V3. I don't FF with the Talon but then again it was not designed for that use. If the container is maintained, what could be the risk. It has 3 handles, 3-rings, holds 2 canopies and is made to open. The rest is bling and speciality shit right? I find old gear pretty cool and I remember the first time I tried to figure out a bungee PC. I don't want one but it functioned as designed. Tell the haters to go talk the (old crusty) ST&A if they have a problem b/c you are busy making loads and don't have time to give them a course in rigging. **Disclaimer - The opinion expressed above is just that, an opinion of a don't know shit DZ bum. I'm not an instructor nor a certificated rigger but can change my mains using slinks, make closing loops, floating loops, change p/c's and sew jump suits. And I do watch the Holiday Inn Express commercials nighty.
  8. Figuring exit weight of 185: 190 puts you at .97 WL 170 pust you at 1.08 WL Read you SIM Have you done everything on the downsizing lists (Germain or Billvon's)? Ask your instructors or ST&A. Asking here is pointless. Nobody here has seen you fly.
  9. Not a rigger but I'll take a stab. They can do it because they now have the rig and can declare it unairworthy and force you to pay to get it back in service!?! Just my guess.
  10. buff

    Viso II questions

    Mine works the same way. The manual that came with your Viso explains this and the varying settings. Since you are relying on this for accurate information to save your life, it would be a good thing to read before jumping it again. I'm just saying.
  11. buff

    Why was that so fun?

    I like the full altitude H&P at sunset. Low ones are good but nothing beats a little XC on the last load.
  12. buff

    Bernina 217 on Ebay

    Honing in on my Bernina locator business are ya Martin Pretty tight deal if you can get it for $800 and then ship it freight or via "a dude on his way from Mexico" like Mark did. Hell you should buy it--a couple of thousand checkbook covers and it's paid for.
  13. buff

    Full Face Mask

    I would check with your instructors. It would be up to them as they are the ones jumping with you and communicating in air with you. Full face helmets can limit your visibility in some cases and not allow you to see your handles if the helmet is of poor design or fits wrong. You also have to deal with fogging, icing, and other issues at times. So really this is a local DZ question that really can't be answered by the internet.
  14. buff

    RW suit question

    Zippers are no big deal. Mine has them along the back rather than the side and they hold up pretty well. Another option is you can learn to sew. I'm learning myself and have made repairs to others suits and am in the process of adding full booties to a toe loop suit. It's the pattern making that's a bitch. Bootie soles -- Shoe Goo I guess if your suit is too fast, you could oversew some drag material on the front or go with sleeves. That's my 2cents and as always, I'm not an instructor and try not to do something stupid before checking with a more experienced person first, etc.