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  1. david3

    RIP Stephen Hawking

    Not too soon, just old...
  2. david3

    Need help identifying parts of a pulley

    +1 Ding ding ding! We have a winner. It is a sheave with a hub (integral hub).
  3. david3

    2017 Eclipse

    It really was. I was lucky enough to fly to Nashville and see totality. Wow!
  4. david3

    Ashes Dive for Mum and Dad

    Beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss but glad you got to make that jump with them both.
  5. david3

    The World Is Flat

    I knew it! "YouTuber D Marble flew from North Carolina to Seattle to see if the pilot would dip the nose of the plane to 'compensate for curvature'".
  6. david3

    R.I.P. J. Geils

  7. david3

    R.I.P. J. Geils

  8. david3

    Happy Birthday, Vera

  9. Do you trust the authenticity of the drugs in a location like that?
  10. Usually I'm driving a Ford F350.
  11. david3

    On this day in 1965

    And on this day in 1976... https://youtu.be/q2yW372qWH8
  12. david3

    RIP Leon Russell

  13. david3

    RIP Leon Russell

    He had been playing a small theater near me for a few years and I always wanted to go see him but never did. Then he put out the album with Elton John and got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He stopped coming to the small theater and began playing bigger halls in Philly. I thought I'd missed my chance. I should have seen him when it was small and local. Last February he was back local. I didn't find out until it had sold out. He's scheduled to play there again this February. Damn. Regret...