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  1. christelsabine

    Skydiving in Stuttgart, Germany

    About 100km south from Stuttgart: Beautiful place, beautiful landscape and absolutely nice people - give it a try dudeist skydiver # 3105
  2. Wow! That's rare ... And how did that go on, wunderkind ... how many windy jumps w/o stomachache until today? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  3. christelsabine

    American newbie in Germany

    Congrats to AFF! Calden is a well reputated professional place where I started years ago - and in the beginning of my career, I f*cked up royally there even they tried their best Are you going to work on your German license? As we do not have differentiation like A- etc. licenses .... Anyhow, don't look for danger, look for safe skydiving - good luck dudeist skydiver # 3105
  4. christelsabine

    (New Student) Dislocated My Shoulder Pulling...

    Having your shoulder dislocated only by reaching for deployment sounds critical to me. I doubt that working hard in a gym will solve that problem. Ask your doc! Having such a dislocation after deployment is much more frightening and very hard to handle for a beginner. My personal experience ... dudeist skydiver # 3105
  5. christelsabine not secure?

    Same here since a while. Firefox does not even let me enter DZ on my tablet, have to use another browser. PC and laptop are OK but, are giving warnings as due to missing (expired) safety certificate of, your acount might be hacked easily. Such a certificate has to be paid, perhaps that's reason why ... dudeist skydiver # 3105
  6. christelsabine

    America First

    Love it ... dudeist skydiver # 3105
  7. christelsabine

    Cell phones for skydive carrying

    Just ask them: What's a hook knife? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  8. christelsabine

    Halloween party picture. Trailing hazards.

    Not really. Jump No. 50 in Switzerland - the ink on my German licence still was wet - I packed like an idiot, was so sure it was OK. It was not, it was my 1st reserve. Just a bunch of sh*t over my head, my head was wrapped with lines which nearly cut off my left ear, my long ponytail was cut in half. Until today, I do not understand why only my long hair was cut and not the skin of my head ripped off by the lines ... perhaps, b/c there were a lot of loops breaking my hair and not my neck. Since that time, I never ever jumped again with an open ponytail under my helmet. Watching that girl with false curles brings back painful memories. dudeist skydiver # 3105
  9. christelsabine

    Mail Migration Help Thread

    Delete your post, dude ...... dudeist skydiver # 3105
  10. christelsabine

    Mail Migration Help Thread

    Hi, what will happen to my login used in social media? Can I use it furthermore or do I have to change to another email login? Thx in advance, Christel dudeist skydiver # 3105
  11. christelsabine

    I get fired because i didnt want to pull low !

    *Southern* island, right? Been there, seen it. dudeist skydiver # 3105
  12. christelsabine

    Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement

    What JM said. It depends. My right shoulder needed about 9 months for complete recovery after 'open' operation (front scar of abt. 15 cm from right shoulder top down to armpit) : Nearly all tendons in my right shoulder plus the rotator cuff were torn. No broken bones. Still today, the right side motion radius is limited to about 70 percent. What exactly has to be done with your shoulder? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  13. christelsabine

    Alfred Heitink

    You're still in my mind, Alfred dudeist skydiver # 3105
  14. christelsabine

    DZ is slooooow ..

    *Service Temporarily Unavailable* Just received this for the 3rd time today .... Had to try several times to reach this forum. dudeist skydiver # 3105