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  1. Same here, same shots: one left, one right. Little bit of headache next morning, when leaving to work, it was gone. I can only recommend ....
  2. Now you call it an "offense" ?? And YOU forgive him?? Who are you ? Did I miss something? Wow, your forgiving range must be endless ... and how many times would you forgive? And for how many politicians/men would you grant forgiveness at such an "offense"? And Jesus Christ provided redemption in advance, right?
  3. "It’s important to note, Schumer and Pelosi’s objection to the wall is not subsitive," OANN, the Shakespeare of modern journalism. By which I mean they're making up words to go with their made up 'news' site. What does *subsitive* mean?? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  4. You really need to ask such a question? How on earth can you call yourself a "counselor" if you think so narrow-minded, in single-tracks???? Your posts more and more become implausible - and same time more and more are showing what they/you really are: against anything that's not like you, doesn't share your beliefs (the beliefs of an old man crouching somewhere in the mountains ....) Go and ask your Jesus (the refugee) if he will be prepared to accept you with that mindset at the pearly gates dudeist skydiver # 3105
  5. That is what I am waiting for. 65K+ sealed indictments waiting to be acted upon. What was in those 5 shocking envelopes? The Bidens and the Bushes horrified. HRC looked very uneasy. Mike Pence buddied up HRC.??? WWG1WGA Why do you call them "shocking" and same time asking "what was in it?" My first wild guess would be this written information: "Beware people: After funeral service, the trumps will be sitting next to us at lunch table!" That easily might explain all those derailed, pained expressions after having a look at the *shocking* envelopes. dudeist skydiver # 3105
  6. .... and all those pretty little lies ! By just jumping into a military jacket doesn't make this man look more presidential, he's just a narcisstic liar. dudeist skydiver # 3105
  7. Why is trump attracted to Duterte, Kim Jon-un ...? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  8. I do not understand what you mean in paragraph two. In reference to the first, yes my heart has changed. The world has changed, my country has changed so naturally, my heart has changed. I was optimistic about a different set of values in the '80s. I was much more trusting then. Sure. You were about 40 yrs younger, more powerful, with more energy .... compared to your age now, that makes the difference. Seems, adjusting to changing times and circumstances were too hard for you? In which fields did you counsel again? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  9. And now you serve yourself with age old links from the Netherlands? Did you already order the DVD collection at special price? Oh wait, this might be your secret source! Seems, you're really falling for every conspiracy theorist worldwide What do you call yourself, again? Counselor? dudeist skydiver # 3105
  10. If someone from the future had come back to your 22 year old self and told you that someday you'd support a US president who was a puppet of the Kremlin - would you have believed them? This post clearly shows why I have come to be so totally disappointed in what you have become Bill. the fact that you even would post this, let alone believe this, makes me so disappointed I can't even explain it. Wow. I can't even think of the words to go past this point. Awww, why that woebegon? Just inform yourself by reading a bit more about how the rest of the world is seeing trump and his dubious actions with Russia, Putin, his permanent lies ..... by looking into international news (of course, w/o Russian news): He's Kremlin's puppet. Short and simple. No need to burst into tears about this. dudeist skydiver # 3105
  11. *The Incorruptables* are busy here, too As per this update, Kennedy jr. is still alive, gravesites of John F. and Robert Kennedy are showing "Q" - and the video in this "artwork" is worth seeing. What I enjoyed the most is the special way, these Untouchables are writing their mysteriously news (soon to be released!) So many sentences in [square brackets] .... (Ron?) Here is a small excerpt from the pamphlet in German: "Trump und JFK Jr. sind/waren miteinander befreundet und haben dieselben politischen Ziele. Der Absturz des Flugzeugs, das JFK Jr. selbst geflogen haben will, ermöglicht zwei weitere Varianten: Der Absturz fand zwar statt, weil man ihn ermorden wollte, er überlebte aber und sein Tod wurde vorgetäuscht (Hillary Clinton kam somit zum Zuge als Senatorin). Oder aber der ganze Absturz war von vornherein inszeniert, um seinen Tod vorzutäuschen, da er nur so im Hintergrund ungestört an einem wichtigen Plan arbeiten konnte, den sein Vater einst nicht mehr im Stande war umzusetzen, nämlich die Entmachtung der dunklen Herrscherkaste hier auf unserem Planet en! Sein Vater JFK hatte ja seinerzeit tatsächlich vorgehabt, u.a. die US-amerikanische Zentralbank und die CIA zu zerschlagen. Letztere ist ein Produkt des Vatikans und des Jesuitenordens.d" ... and this is a quick translation, just to entertain you guys: "Trump and JFK Jr. are / were friends and have the same political goals. The crash of the plane, which JFK Jr. wants to have flown, allows two other variants: The crash took place because he wanted to murder him, but he survived and his death was faked (Hillary Clinton thus came to the show as a senator). Or the whole crash was staged from the outset to simulate his death, as he could work in the background undisturbed on an important plan that his father was once no longer able to implement, namely the disempowerment of the dark ruling caste here on our planet ! His father, JFK, had actually planned at the time, among other things. to smash the US Federal Reserve and the CIA. The latter is a product of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order. " Couldn't help myself but had to post the above - as the entire world seems to be in real danger and it needs brave watchers on the wall to save all of us - or at least them brave hilltribes dudeist skydiver # 3105
  12. Who should read this? You or JoeWeber? If the latter should do, why didn't the holy spirit tell this directly to him? How is this holy spirit/god communication working? In different languages, so I might be blessed to receive suggestions in my mother tongue?? Ya know, in my daily work in our law firm there are so so many voices around me, in different languages, some loud, some not that loud, some just whisper .... how to find out the *distinct* one ....? What's *the other one*?? Your advice to the above poster does not seem to be very clear, I have my doubts about your consultancy work .... dudeist skydiver # 3105
  13. There's something familiar about your posts Marc...Short bursts of angry, quasi-coherent ramblings, often in all caps. It reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it. His ghost writer, perhaps? It's quite obvious - writing style, wording - sometimes do remind me on someone else who's banned since a while. Some posts sound just too different to rushmc's usual (more or less simple) ahem, yeah, style .... dudeist skydiver # 3105