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  1. Not sure what you mean here. I prefer to learn by watching, listening and asking a ton of questions.
  2. Of course the built-in grip is far too large for a normal human to wrap their hand around. Currently, I use it as a vertical stabilizer in free fall.
  3. Good information. Although my instructors did say to keep my shit tucked in, it didn't occur to me how easy it would be to have a handle covered up. That's reason enough for me to wear a suit. I will sew a grip on my banana hammock and wear it if anyone wants to coach me in RW.
  4. I've just started skydiving and now that I'm solo jumping, I find that I don't care to wear a jumpsuit. I prefer short sleeves in freefall. I've asked several instructors and they tell me I can wear whatever I want obviously barring anything with hooks, loops or pokey things or otherwise unsafe stuff. I've done my last couple without a suit and had no problems with stability or anything else for that matter. Of course I won't be flying a wingsuit or camera suit, or doing RW anytime soon. But is there any benefit for a new jumper to stay in a suit other than protection from scratches and stains? Do I need to be wearing booties now?
  5. Even though we only live about 15 min from the DZ, she won't go at all. I've tried to get her to go do a tandem, but it's not happening. She really thinks it's an unnecessary risk and a waste of money. Especially since I mentioned that I'll be buying my own gear once I save up some dough.
  6. I just started skydiving and have recently finished AFF training at Raeford NC. I will be finishing my A license soon if the weather affords me the opportunity. I spent a few years at Ft Bragg on round canopies and PLF's but have now found my true love. I can't believe I didn't do this earlier in life. My wife doesn't understand it, my parents think it's stupid and most of my friends call me crazy .. so it's nice to find a community that feels the same way I do about the sport. I've only got a few jumps, and I'm sure the thrill will wear off as time goes by, but I absolutely love skydiving .. For me, it's a feeling that goes beyond the physics of falling and touches on the magical. I just can't describe it .. Although, I guess I really don't need to describe it here. I hope to be able to give something back someday, but for now, I'll do my part by listening, learning and applying the knowledge I acquire from more experienced jumpers. See you in the sky! - DigitalDave