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  1. You can already buy menstrual art.
  2. Put two hoses in the tank. One long one and one short one. Seal the area around the inlet. Blow on the short hose, fuel will come out the other.
  3. This is what he's talking about. It only happens in IE for me.
  4. Agreed. I love that chick. I get a colossal chubby when she says 'discount'.
  5. I love me some Beav and crazee Ashlee. Someday, I'm gonna come fall out of a plane with ya'll.
  6. I fail to see the funny. Guess you had to be there.
  7. I would be more concerned with changing the position of the catheter than crushing the port. There's a lot of upper body movement in skydiving. I think I'd consult the doc who put it in before jumping. Not that it matters, but are you certain it's in your Subclavian Artery and not the Subclavian Vein?
  8. I don't have significant ear problems, but I sometimes have a hard time clearing them. Not popping them between jumps makes them hurt a bit. I've found that chewing gum while jumping helps keep them nice and clear. Granted you're not supposed to chew gum and skydive, and I would not recommend it to anyone. Someone will probably point out that I will bounce from it at my level.
  9. I'm hoping you mean PVC's, otherwise she might need a new device :p~
  10. I usually read the whole magazine as soon as it comes. Although lately, I've been getting stuck on the Angela Pudenz PD add. Gawd is she ever pretty.
  11. I should have clarified, the canopy isn't new, just new to me. It has a couple hundred jumps on it. I do have a hell of a time when it comes to folding it up for the bag though. I haven't PRO packed enough to get good at it yet. That's good info, I hadn't thought of turning while packing. The way I look it it, packers ruin 1/4th of my fun. For every 3 pack jobs I pay for, it's one less jump that day. Although Mikey does make me some nice soft openings. Once I give myself a nice case of whiplash, I'll probably come crawling back to the wonderful Raeford packers with 6 bucks in hand.
  12. But you make it look so easy Mike. I'll probably be the first person in the Incidents forum for having a serious injury while packing.
  13. I've just started packing on my new 230 and yesterday it was pretty windy. I had a hell of a time getting the canopy flaked as it flailed around in the wind. I discovered that facing the wind is easier. Are there any tricks to keeping a neat pack job on windy days when there's no indoor packing area available?
  14. This is probably heading into SC-land .. but, are you saying they're suffering because they're taking Oxycontin? Why is it the government's responsibility to protect people from themselves ?
  15. I just started jumping a new Storm 230 after using older Navigator 240/260 student rigs since my first jump. I'm about 200 naked. I noticed a huge difference in speed, controlability and flare power. It's much more responsive to input and seems to have a stronger flare from full flight. There's a much different feel to it then when I went down from the Nav 260 to the Nav 240. I didn't expect such a radical change by going down just 10 square ft. But, I think the combination of canopy design and newness makes for the drastic difference. And before the wingload nazis attack ..yes, my Aff instructor recommended that canopy size for me.
  16. Here's some broken heart songs that I curled up in the fetal position and listened to after she crushed me. I normally listen to metal. Staind - Tangled Up In You - Lady Antebellum - One Day You Will - Lady Antebellum - Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Kenny Chesney - Better As A Memory - Taylor Swift - Breathe - Theory Of A Deadman - Not Meant To Be - Hinder - Without You - Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You -
  17. 1 : 6 : 0 Demo'd the rig I'm gonna buy. Did 20 min on the eliptical machine, then 20 min on the wife. She wants to reverse the order next time.
  18. Godspell was the better of the two IMO.
  19. While I can't imagine the pain of losing a child this way, I think you should understand that skydivers are acutely aware of every significant skydiving accident. We share the sadness/hurt/anger/loss in our own ways. I was just starting out in the sport when Sierra's accident happened. Even though I didn't know her or Dan, I remember it very well. I had just come from jumping that day when I read the incident report on this site. I spent the next couple days scouring the web for information about it. Being a newbie myself and having lived off SR88 in G-Ville for a few years, I felt somewhat attached. Some people here get very defensive when non-jumpers post with what seems like the blame game. The common perception is that we're a lawsuit or two away from losing our freedom to skydive and we're being asked to help with the prosecution. While the sport is statistically pretty safe, most fatalities are due to human error. This is a relatively small community. Know that here were thousands of people that grieved with you in Sept of 2009 and still do. Blue skies Sierra and Dan.
  20. I'm glad to find a noob-friendly thread. This weekend, I'm thinking about removing my reserve and cutting 5 cells off my Nav 240 to make it into one of those sexy lil' backpack rigs. The wingload will be like 4:1 or something. I have consulted several youtube videos and I am confident in my rigging skills and downsizing progression. My new wingsuit will compensate for the smaller canopy. This also frees up the harness of those pesky handles flopping around while I'm head down with my surfboard. I'll have a helmet camera and a handcam on to capture sick footage of me doing CReW stacks, death spirals and a canopy transfer with another jumper. I plan to do an 1800 to setup for final and go into a blind man past the hot tandem chicks at manifest while traveling near the speed of sound. Then I'll hook it around and stand up in the peas. Afterwards, I'll be accepting beer and autographing titties in the packing shed. I have thirty-something jumps and over one hundred hours playing 'Wii Resort - Skydiving', so I'm more than qualified for this jump. What I'm not sure about is .. Which goggles say "I fukin rawk!' on video .. yellow tinted, or dark tinted ones?
  21. I was in the 82nd from 91-98 and was on a 141 night jump over Sicily DZ where a female paratrooper died from being towed. I think it happened in 94 or 95. She was a tiny girl with a full combat load. The strap that routes around the ruck and legs was not routed around her M1950 weapons case. When she exited, the weapons case flipped out and spun her up. She tumbled and the static line wrapped under the attachment point for the weapons case and then around her neck. I believe she died from blunt trauma from banging against the aircraft. She was jumper #7 on the left side, I was #11 on the right. Both sticks got out. They immediately took us to Greenramp and locked us in a building for about 12 hours. Later, some guys in suits asked each of us what we saw. I didn't see anything. About a month later, an official report came out that stated the misrouted leg strap and the jumpers relatively low weight was to blame. After that, we all had to have both leg straps routed prior to walking to the aircraft which was a bitch. I believe it was accepted to only route the leg strap around one leg at that time, so no JM's got in trouble. I may be wrong on that though.
  22. I realize this is an old thread, but I'd like to point out that it's not gay unless your balls touch.