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  1. SLC is like a 45 minute drive not to far at all. Olympic park there is cool! In the summertime you see all the athletes practicing their ski jumps into a pool. Although I went on a couple "rides" there that were supposed to be extreme but were pretty tame. Skeleton should be pretty extreme though!
  2. I'm doing a LARGE amount of laundry.
  3. I'm going!! This will be the 2nd boogie I've ever been too. What should I expect?? And can we camp on the dz?
  4. In Kauai stay on the north shore...some good places in Hanalei. The NaPali coast is on the North Shore and you have to hike at least to the beach! It is BEAUTIFUL! Also, check out that zodiac raft tours to see the NaPali coast fully it is something you will never forget. :)
  5. I just bought a house and the old owner died in it also. He was an alcoholic but died of natural causes. One of the neighbors actually asked me if I'd like to see where they found the body. Needless to say I didn't. I think a suicide or murder might be a little harder to swallow though, depends how supersitious you are.
  6. The Hawaiian island Kauai. My retreat, and one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.
  7. cherry vodka with sprite!
  8. Hey! Some of us did an early hot air balloon jump after a night of 2.5 hours of sleep! (I'm the girl taking a quick nap!)
  9. I started in the tunnel when I had around 150 jumps. Here is what my progression looked like: 10 min - back 15 min - 4way RW 30 min - 4way RW 30 min - 4way RW 15 min - back And the last 15 minutes of back I was cleared for sit. Not sure if that was a fast progression or what.
  10. I've done the cables before a couple times...and it's kinda shocking how someone can die. I remember there being planks along the way as semi stairs and you hold onto the cables the whole way. Granted this was when it wasn't slippery, but as long as you're holding a cable I'd imagine if your feet slipped you could keep your grip. Or, maybe he was like one of the a-holes that think they are cool and climb outside the cables to go faster.
  11. jamiem

    New Iphone

    Damn, was not aware of what WWDC or whatever it's called was.
  12. jamiem

    New Iphone

    I just got an iphone a fewdays ago and I love it! It's a 3g and very fast. It does take awhile to get used to the typing on it but nothing major. I had a blackberry and switched to this. I must say though, I was on it a lot the first few days and ran down the battery faster than I thought.
  13. BikerBabe brianfry713 Cashmanimal Feeblemind Flygirl Grannyinthesky jamiem Monkeyboy mswallin13 NWflyer sivaganesha wmw999 I'll be there!! This is the best boogie EVER!
  14. wtf? is it just me or does this post make no sense...
  15. Lots of RW and lots of very experienced people willing to jump with low number jumpers. Just ask around or ask Kathy at manifest!
  16. That's a shame, there are a lot of really cool experienced jumpers out there. It came off wrong, I didn't mean for this one particular incident. I meant people who get kicked off the dz and then come on here and blast the dz because they are mad. But staying on the true topic of the thread...I don't really agree with suing so maybe that's why I don't understand this guy at all. Ultimately you are responsible for your own actions. We all know the risks of the sport and hopefully everyone is doing their homework and doing what they are comfortable with. That includes jumping at dzs you are ok with, jumping with jumpers and pilots you are ok with, a rig you are comfortable with, and everything else that applies.
  17. Fact or rumor? Bill owns a business like every other DZO out there. It's his perogative to do what he wants. If you don't like it, don't come. Tandem or fun jumper or tandem master, etc. There's a reason he puts so many loads up every day and it's not all about cheap jump tickets. Most dzs in the area now offer the same price for tickets. Have you ever jumped at Lodi? Majority of people who dislike Bill Dause deserved what they got for doing something they shouldn't have been doing...
  18. March-May are usually really good. Nov-Feb are kinda hit or miss weather wise. There is the airport cafe right on the airport, and Galt and Lodi are kinda close for restaurants and such. Washrooms/showers on site. I believe there is a stove in the bunkhouse, but I'm not 100% positive. As long as the weather is good you should almost always be able to get 6-7 jumps a day. As long as there is one tandem there Bill will typically put up a load. If you're staying 5-7 days make sure you are there for at least one weekend...you'll get more than 7 jumps a day then!
  19. I've jumped at: Skydive Utah Lodi Parachute Center Skydance Davis Skydive Sacramento Skydive Monterey Bay And i'd recommend any of them! :)
  20. 1 / 2 / 5 Not bad for 1.5 years in the sport i'd say!
  21. It is still weird to me to this day to hear my Father say the serenity prayer. He is not religious at all...but it's not about God, it's about some form of higher power. They don't believe that "God" will save them, they just know that something bigger than them is controlling them with the alcohol and it's admitting that they can't do it alone.
  22. Although 10 mph seems like a slow speed...NOT a good idea to jump from a movie vehicle wearing a bikini and flip flops.
  23. jamiem

    Penis Power

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yedyN9xC_Rw Ladies, learn of the penis power. "It will come at you with full force, be careful ladies." NSFW!!
  24. jamiem

    Sit suit?

    Glad I read this thread and saved myself some embarrassment! I saw a used sit suit at my dz and came thisclose to buying it because I thought about how fabulous it would be in the summertime to wear shorts and not a full jumpsuit!