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  1. Rob, I've read some of your old posts about the Vortex2, takes a half dozen to master the repack ;) haha! Anyways, on a 120 EVS system.. With a 120 hurricane would a 120 Tempo reserve fit or have the same pack volume as the parachute systems 120 decelerator reserve? (this is what fits in the 120-EVS) 120 EVS DECEL.108 DECEL 120 Hurricane 95 Hurricane 105 Hurricane 120 ZP.EXE 89 ZP.EXE 115 325 cu.in320 cu.in.
  2. Rigger Rob, thats why I'll be bringing it to you!! you're the master of the Vortex, so I've heard! Ianmdreanna, do you have a website, or an email address for Louis Tomasso?
  3. Hey hey, Can anyone tell me the round about figure on a new Vortex II set up with a 120/120 in a 120EVS container Is it best to order off the website, or go through a dealer? I live in BC Canada so I'll be needing it shipped, I can have it shiped to the USA and pick it up there if shipping costs less.. I've been keeping an eye on the Classifieds and I can't seem to find one used rig (any make) that fits a 6'1" 175LBS person with a 120 main and 120 reserve in a 120 cut Container! Thanks!
  4. I tend to edit on my personal videos on my computer..., however my dz still has tapes, and I hate tapes! I don't want to have to buy an old school DV camera to shoot tandems there.. so I'm pusthing them to get HD stuff.. however if HD boards cost an arm and a leg maybe I can just figure out for them how to plug my camera into their board and edit off my cx and I'll be a happy camper! hence all the questions! on a side note: I tend to shoot in HD and edit on my computer... and burn to a DVD to watch on a t.v... however when I render, i render it out at 720 at 30FPS.. (1080 takes far to long to render) Should I just shoot in SD, edit on my computer and render it at 720 30fps..? would that make a difference at all? quality and time?..
  5. So I know our DZ has all the equipment.. I'll have to double check to make sure they have an A/V port.. The Sony Digital VCR Mini DV player http://ii.alatest.com/product/600x400/2/b/Sony-GV-D1000E-Digital-VCR-Mini-DV-2-head-s-0.jpg is just to play the video into the board I believe.. rewind/play/fast foward/ slowmo... My cx100 is currently set: Settings -> Movie settings -> HD I have to set it to: Settings -> Movie settings -> SD before it will work through the editing board?.. Stupid question.. Whats the difference between SD/ HD ?? Thanks for all your help.
  6. I'm guessing this is the HD model http://www.amazon.com/Sony-HDV-Video-WALKMAN-GV-HD700/dp/B00372EQOO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1274209693&sr=1-1 And I reckon it would read the video off the sony memory stick.. and you would be able to edit it just like a mini DV?...
  7. Hey can you explain this a bit more.. my local dz has a board they edit mini DV's with http://ii.alatest.com/product/600x400/2/b/Sony-GV-D1000E-Digital-VCR-Mini-DV-2-head-s-0.jpg What would they need to edit HD videos with.. what kind of board? Does Sony make a new one that supports HD?..
  8. I heard Lodi is shut down right now.. is this true? plane crash caused all planes to be grounded?
  9. When making your own freefly pants what kind of pattern is best to follow? maybe a sweat pant pattern?..
  10. A pac750 is worth a stop thats for sure! How many people on this forum jump in Lodi? would be cool to have a beer with some people when we're down
  11. Thanks for the info! I'm thinking we'll be heading down there next year around this time, maybe the end of April to ensure the weather will be nice. Thursday - Monday is probably the ideal days to stay. Whats a jump ticket at Davis/Skydance? what kind of planes do they have? is it a bigger/ more busy DZ then that of Lodi? Thanks
  12. Trying to plan a trip down to Lodi from British Columbia Canada sometime next year. Not to sure what time of the year to go. The summers up here are rocking, (may- Oct..) so I would like to head down when its the off season up here. how is Cali from Nov - May? and during those months when would be ideal to go? (ie. still warm with lots of loads all day..) during those months how often do they put a plane up? Not sure if I should buy the 50 jumps, or pay per jump. can we get a good 6-7 jumps min a day if the weather is nice? depending on the loads we're planing on staying 5-7 days, so 50 jumps would really be pushing it I think, if we get a crappy day. also no refunds on the 50 jumps, so in the end you might spend more!.. I believe you can camp on the DZ?.. is there restaurants close by? for some breakfast or lunch? does the DZ have a club house with a stove and such? Washrooms/ showers on site? Any more info would be fantastic, thanks!
  13. untoldfox

    Freefly suit

    Vertial suits are sick Made in Canada, he ships everywhere. http://www.verticalsuits.com/