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  1. x46255

    Triangle Skydiving Center

    I jumped at TSC on Friday and was thoroughly impressed with their facilities and set-up. The DZO and staff was all incredibly friendly and supportive. Their hangar and equipment was all brand new and in great shape. The Beech 99 was an impressive aircraft and reached altitude in under 15 minutes. I felt like family immediately and would highly recommend a pit-stop for anyone passing through the Raleigh area!
  2. x46255

    HELP!!!! I need to get to the Ranch

    How often you plan on going up there? I'd like to head up there sometime, but generally spend weekends jumping closer to home... you ever been to Delmarva or Crosskeys??
  3. I'm in! This boogie is going to be EPIC! If you've never jumped at Delmarva, this is the best time to come and check it out!! There will be something for everyone! For jumpers, the CASA and Otter w/ organizers is enough said! For non-jumpers, Ocean City and other awesome beaches are only 40 minutes away! Come on out for the jumps and stay for the party...find out what epic conceptions are all about!
  4. x46255

    Safire 2

    I bought a new Safire2 169 in December and have absolutely loved it. It opens soft every time and I've never had it turn more than 90 degrees off heading on opening (unlike my Sabre2 that whipped around at least 90 or more every jump). The Pilot opens just as soft but isn't nearly as fun to fly as the Safire2. It is very responsive in the sky and has much lighter front riser pressure than the Sabre2. The flare is exceptionally strong and works great in a single or two stage flare. I have psycho packed and pro-packed and it opens just as well every time. There's absolutely nothing that I have found yet that I don't like about this canopy!
  5. x46255

    Opinions on RW suits please

    I bought a comp body suit by flite suit last August and have absolutely loved it...it has articulated knees and booties that kick ass. I bought it after seeing another one at the DZ and I think the quality is better than I've seen on any other jumpsuit. It is a bit expensive but you definitely get a quality built suit.
  6. x46255

    Skydive Delmarva

    I learned how to skydive at Delmarva after checking out all of the DZs in the area. They had the best value and their instructors are second to none. Even though other DZs are closer to home, I will always call Delmarva my home DZ...the people are some of the best around and will always make you feel like family. Additionally, the safety and professionalism of the instructors and staff is top notch...there is simply no better place to learn how to skydive in the mid-Atlantic. Whether doing a tandem, progressing as a student, or fun jumping, head to Delmarva and you won't be dissappointed!
  7. x46255

    Skydive Smoky Mountains

    I stopped by Skydive Smoky Mountains on a road trip and was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home. I was only able to get one jump in but the views of the mountains were absolutely amazing. All of the instructors were very professional and helpful in making me feel comfortable away from my home DZ. I would highly recommend Skydive Smoky Mountains to anyone considering making a tandem jump or going through an AFF course as the instructors will be able to provide personalized and dedicated instruction throughout the program. Also, the accessibility of the DZ (just a mile away from the interstate) makes it a must stop for any experienced jumper. Great place w/ great people!
  8. x46255

    West Tennessee Skydiving

    I was taking a road trip from Maryland to Arkansas and stopped by West Tennessee Skydiving for the better part of a day. I was welcomed immediately and felt like part of the family. The King Air climbed to 14,500 feet in about 10 minutes which was a welcome change from enduring a 30 minute climb in a cessna to only 10-12k feet. I loved everything about WTS, they had a huge packing area and air-conditioned classrooms along with bathrooms, showers, and camping areas...even a pool for the kids! The paved runway is also great for new jumpers to be able to identify the DZ. My only complaint is that WTS isn't closer to home! Anyone passing within 200 miles of Memphis needs to check out WTS, it doesn't get any better!