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  1. I'm looking for a rigger in San Antonio. I know that San Marcos and Temple are both reasonably close but I'd like to save a trip to and from the DZ just for a repack if possible. I took a look at previous threads (most recent was about 6 years ago) and couldn't find anything tangible. Any assistance would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Just got back from a weekend at Skydive the Point for the first VPC meet... looks like a solid contingent is going to be heading up from West Point and Orange... can't wait!!
  3. I hope to make it! I grew up in Omaha and parents live in Bellevue now... only 15-20 minutes from the airport! Hope to see you all there!
  4. Sounds like a great idea! So far I'm tracking: Bmore_Chrissy Flyfast gweeks LuckyMcSwervy merino007 nshmel pnfilipowsky scrumpot surfrgrl1 velvetjo x46255 yellow97tt6spd I know I'm missing a ton of people... let's get this thing growing!
  5. I jumped at TSC on Friday and was thoroughly impressed with their facilities and set-up. The DZO and staff was all incredibly friendly and supportive. Their hangar and equipment was all brand new and in great shape. The Beech 99 was an impressive aircraft and reached altitude in under 15 minutes. I felt like family immediately and would highly recommend a pit-stop for anyone passing through the Raleigh area!
  6. Maybe you'll have your B-license in time for the boogie... or is that too ambitious???
  7. It should fit in the overhead in a bag by itself... if you try to put anything else in there with it, I doubt it would fit. The regional jets definitely aren't as spacious... I usually end up gate checking my rig on those airplanes... never had a problem with that yet.
  8. +1 Steph taught me to skydive and both have been mentors over the past year... We are all praying for a speedy recovery and want to see them back home soon!
  9. 0:14: Got 7 awesome jumps Saturday and 7 more on Sunday, perfect weather and great start to the summer! Got to participate in two milestone jumps as two guys had their 100th jumps this weekend. Owe beer for 1st speedo jump... it was awesome!
  10. Mike this past weekend: http://www.skydivedelmarva.com/about_us/around.php?level=2&gallery=104April-18~19-2009&pic=031.jpg&count=68 Mike is out at Delmarva just about every weekend doing tandems, AFF and fun jumping. He's been doing a lot of work with the Naval Academy Parachute team as well and even accompanied them to Collegiate Nationals this year. I've caught a lot of the talk about Pelican land, it's a shame that it dissolved, sounds like it would've been a great place to jump!
  11. Seemed like there was quite a bit of interest in the MAX boogie this weekend at Suffolk's Spring Fling! Keep spreading the word... only two months to go!
  12. Great time with you guys this weekend! Glad I was able to make it down and check out the DZ. Thanks to everyone that put the boogie together, great job all around!
  13. How often you plan on going up there? I'd like to head up there sometime, but generally spend weekends jumping closer to home... you ever been to Delmarva or Crosskeys??
  14. I picked up a used Javelin J4 last May right when I finished AFF for $1650. I was very lucky and it was in great shape and had a Safire 215, RavenII reserve and a CYPRES w/ 4 months remaining life on it. I put 100 jumps on that canopy before I stepped down to a Pilot 188 that I found used on dz.com for $850. I would say that for a complete used rig w/ AAD that anything from $1500 to $3500 is reasonable depending on the age/condition/type of canopies and rig as well as age of the AAD. I bought a new rig, main, and CYPRES2 last fall after I had about 200 jumps and love it. I still have the other rig and use it to loan to students and friends or use as a back up if I want to turn loads. I'm sure you will be able to find a good deal if you keep your eyes peeled. Everyone has offered up some very solid advice. Good luck!