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  1. jamiem

    Tunnel progression

    I started in the tunnel when I had around 150 jumps. Here is what my progression looked like: 10 min - back 15 min - 4way RW 30 min - 4way RW 30 min - 4way RW 15 min - back And the last 15 minutes of back I was cleared for sit. Not sure if that was a fast progression or what.
  2. jamiem

    From Lodi Last Week

    wtf? is it just me or does this post make no sense...
  3. March-May are usually really good. Nov-Feb are kinda hit or miss weather wise. There is the airport cafe right on the airport, and Galt and Lodi are kinda close for restaurants and such. Washrooms/showers on site. I believe there is a stove in the bunkhouse, but I'm not 100% positive. As long as the weather is good you should almost always be able to get 6-7 jumps a day. As long as there is one tandem there Bill will typically put up a load. If you're staying 5-7 days make sure you are there for at least one weekend...you'll get more than 7 jumps a day then!
  4. jamiem

    My **BEER** Jump!

    Congratulations on your jump! I'm a huge fan of Skydive Utah. There is no turning back now! Blue skies.
  5. Whenever I go to Utah I always have to visit Skydive Utah in Toole close to Salt Lake City. If you make it that north into the state you should definitely check that place out...one of the best dzs I've ever been to an a beautiful view.
  6. Well, since Lodi is my home DZ...of course I am going to recommend it. They do TONS of tandems on the weekend though, so if they want to see lots of action go on a Saturday or Sunday, but the wait can be up to 4 hours. I think usually it's around 3. If they just want to do a jump and don't mind it being kind of quiet, go on a weekday and they probably will only have to wait 1 or 2 hours.
  7. jamiem

    Skydive Utah

    I too LOVE skydive Utah. They have always been fabulous to me, even when I wanted to jump still on student status. Excellent dz and it's beautiful! I went a few weeks ago and my sister did her first tandem with Fish. Sergio did her video and it was one of the best tandem videos I have ever seen.
  8. jamiem

    Lodi? Boogie?

    LongWayToFall's thoughts exactly! Micah...when are we getting on that?! Lodi doesn't have anymore full on "boogies" it seems like, but we were thinking get a few kegs, pick a weekend, and let everyone know. Who's down!!
  9. jamiem

    a good,no wait,a GREAT day

    Hey Tommy! I'm glad you're back in it! I was there Saturday but had to work Sunday and I'm so sad I missed you. I finally bought a rig and I've been going on most of my days off...so hopefully I'll run into you soon! And I agree, Lodi fucking rocks. :)
  10. jamiem

    Lake Tahoe DZ

    There already is a DZ in Tahoe, although I'm not sure if it's south lake or north lake. Either way, I havn't heard much about it. It might just be mostly tandems. There is one in Davis (just west of Sacramento) called skydance and one in Lodi (just south of Sacramento) called Parachute Center. Parachute Center is my home DZ so I would highly recommend that one!
  11. jamiem

    Skydive Monterey Bay

    I went to this DZ for my first two tandems. Both times the instructors were very helpful and fun, and the jumps were amazing...but both times the wait was excrusiatingly long. They take reservations for tandems starting at 9am..but if the fog doesn't burn off then the entire day is delayed. For my second tandem I went and waited 8 hours and still didn't get to jump and had to come back another day and wait another 6 hours to jump. The girl at the front desk is often rude and misleading on wait times just so she can get your money and then you're locked in. I have never jumped there as a solo jump and I am interested to try it, but for a tandem be prepared for a very long wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  12. jamiem

    Parachute Center

    I took the AFF course at the Parachute Center and have made all of my solo jumps there. The staff recognizes me, knows my name, and checks in with me after every jump to make sure I am comfortable and to answer any questions. Bill Dause the owner takes the time to talk to me about my jumps and is very involved. It gets very busy over the weekend with tandems but they put up two planes to keep the wait times down for solos. They have a good selection of rental gear and I can go on the weekend and completel 4 jumps in 4 hours with their rental gear. VERY FRIENDLY STAFF and lots to look at and do during the downtime in their hanger. I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out or anyone who is an expert because on the weekend there are always group jumps going you can get involved with.