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  1. Beer


    I came up to check it out a couple years ago and haven't looked back. Just about everyone is friendly. Safety is a big thing here. There is an awesome positive learning environment for newer jumpers. Plenty of coaches and people willing to go up and teach you something. I quickly went from a 100 jump wonder that could barely pull off a 4 way round to doing big ways (anything from base to floating to last diver) The aircraft is well maintained and the pilot is incredible. The student gear is well maintained and is some of the newest gear in the industry. Plenty of rental gear for experienced jumpers too. Absolute confidence in the rigging loft and packers. It doesn't matter what type of flying you do, there is always people to jump with and load organizing every weekend. Multiple packing areas. Huge landing area, the manicured area is C&D only, but the rest is soft sand. Some areas are a bit rough, but it is forgiving. Camping and showers. The food trailer rocks. There aren't enough good things that can be said about JT.
  2. Beer

    When Dust Devils Attack

    Yeah, that looks like fun. I'll stick with my trees and small landing area with few out.
  3. Beer

    Swooping in Lodi?

    You try contacting the DZ?
  4. Beer

    old parachutes

    I'd assume that you are looking for old round parachutes. Most of us here have newer square ram air or elyptical type canopies. Those few that do have rounds keep them around and jump them for nastalgic reasons. Your best bet would be an Army-Navy surplus outlet or Ebay.