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  1. Yeah, I think Marvin only came to one of the St. Patty's Boogies, but I think Ronnie made it to all of them but one. And speaking of Marvin and Ronnie, it would have been really fun have jumped at Smithville when Ronnie and Marvin had their DZ there, but I didn't know either Marvin or Ronnie back then...but I've heard some of the stories...
  2. I started jumping 9 years ago at age 50 -- just needed a change of scenery...
  3. 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT/TRX 1988 Porsche 911 2003 Yamaha V-Star 650 Silverado
  4. I jumped one once a few years ago. The pilot took the plane up to 4500' and then nosedived the plane and did an inverted roll at 160 knots. She (the pilot) told me to stand sideways in the seat prior to beginning the roll and that I would fall out when the plane was inverted. WRONG!!! I got sucked out about 3/4 of the way into the roll, my arm hit the plane's canopy and my leg hit the sit of the plane on exit and I got LOTS of bruises. But that was not the worst part...I hit other unknown parts of the plane and in the video (she had a camera mounted to the tail), I passed right over the camera!! Actually, I felt like I was a pinball in a pinball machine. Fortunately for me and for the pilot, I did not hit the tail. I lived to tell about it so it was a great jump! However, I do not recommend standing sideways in the seat to exit. If I were to do it again (and I'm not sure I would), I would stand facing the front of the plane to avoid lots of bruises and I would think that you would probably get a cleaner exit away from the plane. I don't know, though. I'm just guessing. Just remember that if the plane is in an inverted dive, the tail is above you. Let us know if you jump a T-6. I'm curious to know your exit and how it went.
  5. Nice! How do you like it? Did you take the MSF course? I love riding it is a great freeing feeling on the ground. Yes, I did take the MSF class. Since I had never had a bike before it was very helpful -- especially since my only other experience with bikes was as a passenger on a Goldwing. In hindsight, I probably should have started off on a smaller bike, but I've gotten pretty comfortable with it.
  6. Yahama V-Star 650...I just started riding about 6 months ago.
  7. You’re right. That was Marvin’s last jump. I was fortunate enough to be on that jump also…as well as many other interesting fun jumps with Marvin. Somewhere I have a photo of everyone on that last jump. If I can find it, I’ll post it. Marvin was, without a doubt, one of the most fun people I have jumped with and he even tried teaching me CRW a few times. I sure do miss jumping with him and going to his boogies. I just ran into him and his wife a few weeks ago at the 127 Sale and he’s the same old Marvin…but just enjoying different hobbies (fishing and kayaking).
  8. About 5 years ago, I got to jump one of the old T-6’s – during an inverted roll at 160 knots. Got quite a few bruises from hitting the plane’s canopy on exit and who knows what else and ended up just missing hitting the tail (she had a camera mounted on the tail because she was giving rides so there was video). But it was definitely fun and worth every bruise on my body!
  9. And another grandma here (58 years old). I didn't start jumping until I was 50 and my only regret is that I didn't start jumping much earlier! And, after I started jumping, both of my daughters did tandems and, if it weren't for $ and small children, they probably would have done more than just 2 tandems. I was scared to death my first several jumps -- but the feeling during and after is what it is all about (well, that and all the great people you meet and friends you make)! But, if you're not totally comfortable with it -- there's always another day. That's one thing you learn jumping -- always trust your gut.
  10. It worked for the Bush Administration for 8 years. ...and the economy collapsed at the end of the 8 years.
  11. I agree that in many cases excessive pay is a driver to failure at some degree…The fatter the compensation package is, the more likely that CEOs and other senior executives will get further and further away from the real world and become more and more consumed with themselves and their luxury world. How can a company that exists by virtue of the average wage-earners, be expected (realistically) to understand what it takes to live in the real world when they have become so removed from it? Although I have never held a position at the executive level, I have had positions in the past in which I worked with executives on a daily basis and where I have witnessed senior execs tell the CEO only what he wants to hear – not what is really happening – everything is always falsely reported as “operating smoothly”, not only to the CEO but also to the board of directors (i.e., put a good spin on everything regardless of whether it is misleading or not). In other words, problems and issues are acknowledged DOWN the ladder only – never UP because everyone is afraid that they are going to get blamed, not be considered a team player, and possibly get less of a bonus and lose a promotion if they acknowledge that any problems exist. By operating this way, the CEOs can claim that they were never advised that problems existed and thereby did nothing wrong and were not negligent in their responsibilities. How long can a company be successful using this approach? If CEOs and senior execs were more in touch with their general workforce, they could address issues BEFORE they became problems. But, by virtue of the overly generous compensation packages, a clear division of association between execs and the workers is created and the 2 worlds rarely meet before a crisis erupts. Just my opinion…I'll now get off my soapbox.
  12. I got stopped on the interstate once for "speeding while impeding the flow of traffic." Those were his exact words...! He finally realized how dumb that sounded and didn't give me a ticket.
  13. Hey -- I got to do that for free, too -- twice @ Rantoul. Fun...! But, probably the craziest was exiting an inverted T-6 Texan (stood on the seat and dropped out).
  14. *** If it cost more for riggers to their job I would expect them to raise their price. Just like every DZ I know raising their prices this year. Its not costing them more to pack less. Its that they are working less so they will be making less. There is a difference Well said...!
  15. 1. What’s your name? Mary 2. How old are you? 57 3. Why did you decide to start jumping out of airplanes? Needed a change in my life 4. Are you single or taken? Single 5. Do you have kids? Yes – 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters 6. What do you drive? 1988 Porsche 911 & a 1998 Sebring Convertible 7. Have you ever done a kisspass? Yes 8. Where do you live? Tennessee 9. Do you have any pets? 2 cats 10. How many jumps do you have? 600+ 11. What color eyes do you have? Brown 12. What is your nationality? American 13. Have you ever dated someone you met off the internet? No 14. Favorite Movie? Pretty Woman 15. What do you do when you aren’t skydiving? Still trying to figure that out… 16. Have you ever BASE jumped? No 17. If not... do you want to? No 18. Do you have siblings? 3 sisters and 1 brother 19. Where do you want to travel to the most? Alaska 20. What's your favorite color? Purple 21. Where was the last place you flew to (not skydiving) Orlando, FL (on business but I did make it to Z-Hills, Deland, Titusville, and Sebastian)
  16. I was there -- great boogie!
  17. I usually check Alamo's "Hot Deals" section online. Availability varies and and they don't post these deals until about 2 weeks before the rental date. And, if you prepay, you can save 10%. Also, depending on where you pick up your rental (i.e., airport, hotel, etc.) can sometimes have an effect on the price. As for the CDW, you might check your auto or umbrella policies and see if they provide the same coverage. If they do, there's no use getting the CDW and paying twice.
  18. And, even if it is on sale or clearance, ask for an additional discount "if I buy it right now". I did that on one of Sears' stainless 3-door refrigerators -- and I actually got another 10% off the "on sale" price. I also used that when I bought a lawn mower at Sears and a few other things at Home Depot and Lowes. You usually have to ask to speak with the manager, though, since the salespeople usually don't have the authority to OK an extra discount.
  19. I need educating...what are the falcon and eagle awards?
  20. Hope you had a great birthday, Laura!!!
  21. It's been $4.99/gal here in Knoxville, TN since last Friday morning. It jumped up from $3.63 the previous day.