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  1. lauraliscious

    Deland and The Farm different but the same

    Awwww, you are waxing poetic today!!!! Wish I could be doing 45 ways with you guys this weekend. I think this post right here has made me miss jumping more than anything else so far. I love both DZ's too. But what I love even more than the DZ's is finding an awesome group of people to jump with, and share beers with at the end of the day....and YOU help to make that happen! Thanks for all the cat herding you do.
  2. lauraliscious

    Remote Air-drop Humanitarian Assistance

    Ummmmmm, I may be missing something, but....... Remote Area Medical is still in operation as far as I know. They just did a mission to Haiti a few weeks ago, and they have several events lined up for 2011.
  3. lauraliscious

    2nd Annual Lindbergh Boogie - Americus, GA

    I really would LOVE to make it to this, sounds like an awesome time! Unfortunately I am already committed to going somewhere else that weekend. Oh well, maybe next year. It was great seeing you and jumping with you last weekend though.
  4. lauraliscious

    RW Suit in the Tunnel

    I've seen some people with booties that are too big for them take the excess material at the back of the heel, bunch it up, and secure a rubber band (one you would use for your line stows) around it. You just have to make sure the rubber band is good and tight. I've heard of people wearing harnesses in the tunnel too, just not sure what type of harness. Have fun, the tunnel rocks!
  5. lauraliscious

    Skydive East Tennessee

    Skydive East Tennessee is an awesome, brand new dropzone with a top-notch staff and equipment. There is plenty of air conditioned packing in the manifest building, the landing area is huge, the scenery from altitude is awesome with the views of Douglas Lake and the mountains, and the people are awesome! The location couldn't be better, it is just a few minutes off I-40. I am so glad this DZ opened up so close to my home. If you're ever in East Tennessee you should definitely come check us out!
  6. Awesome!!!!! Maybe I can make a trip up there for this one.
  7. You can stop by Skydive East Tennessee on your way back, if you come through Knoxville (I know it isn't directly enroute, but it's not that far out of the way!) We've got 2 182's and a 206, and the dropzone is BRAND NEW...great camping spots too (but there aren't any hook-ups yet), or there is a RV park just down the road. As for the rest of the route, I have no suggestions. I'm sure there are a lot of great DZs though!
  8. lauraliscious

    Tennessee Skydiving

    Tennessee is a big state. Which dropzone would be the best to go to really depends on where in the state you will be. And if you mean the dropzone in Tullahoma when you say "Tennessee Skydiving", I'm not really sure that there is a steady group of up jumpers that jump there anymore. The owner (Chris Martin) died several years ago, and the last I heard Mike Mullins has been flying there about once a month but mostly doing tandems. I could be mistaken though. I would definitely call ahead to see if they'll be operating before you go. If you're around the Knoxville area and are looking for a good, fun group of people to jump with, I'd recommend Skydive East Tennessee. There's a really good group of fun jumpers here, they're building a new dropzone from scratch which will open in March. It's off the Sevierville exit on I-40. Until the new DZ opens they are operating out of the Greeneville (TN) airport. If you're interested, PM me and I'll get you put on the google group....
  9. Blue skies Reid. I didn't Reid as well as I wished, but I always enjoyed jumping with him at the DZ. Reid used the same fabric for his pelt head helmet as I did, unbeknownst to either one of us. We had a really good 2 way matching pelt head jump one time at SDA. Fly free.
  10. lauraliscious

    Where to go for Balloon Jumps?

    They're having balloon jumps at Skyfest this Skydive Carolina in Chester, SC. Balloon jumps are not all that common, besides at Eloy in the winter, at least as far as I know. So it might be worth that drive.
  11. lauraliscious

    North Carolina DZ's?

    Hey Chuck, If you're in Raleigh, Carolina Sky Sports (Louisburg, NC) is your best bet. If you're closer to Charlotte Skydive Carolina (Chester, SC) is better. If you have the time, check them both out, they're both great places to make a few jumps.
  12. lauraliscious

    Skydive The Farm

    This is by far the best dropzone for up-jumpers that I have been to, and I've been to quite a few DZ's. Hans is awesome, he makes sure everyone is taken care of and finds people to jump with. Along with the bizillion other things he does. The landing area is huge, I love how they separate the swoopers and how clear-cut the landing pattern is. They run specials once a's now $18 jumps and $139 tandems. Still the best prices anywhere around here. My *only* complaint is all the dogs in the packing area. Hans says this will change when they get new carpet. I love the Farm!
  13. lauraliscious

    What Can We Do About Skyride II

    Thank you John, that was getting out of hand.
  14. lauraliscious

    Which DZ`s in your state accept Skyride?

    DZ Name, Location, Accepts Skyride. Alabama Skydive Alabama, Cullman - NO! Alabama Skydiving Center, Prattville - YES (Owned by same people that own Skyride) Emerald Coast Skydiving – Unknown (Someone please verify) Opelika Skydiving Association – Unknown (Someone Please verify) Connecticut Connecticut Parachutists, Ellington- NO FunSkydiving, Danielson - NO (No Dropzone in Connecticut accepts Skyride) Georgia Skydive Atlanta, Thomaston, NO! Skydive the Farm, Rockmart, NO! Atlanta Skydiving Center, Cedartown, YES! (Owned by the same people that own Skyride) Tennessee Skydive Smoky Mountains, NO West Tennesse Skydiving, doubtful (?) Tullahoma, doubtful (?)
  15. lauraliscious

    Halloween in Atlanta

    Well, I for one was waiting for an OFFICIAL post containing such information as pricing, airplanes, load organizing and what type of carnival ride is on order before throwing my name out there. But I will most definitely be there! Goofyjumper Lauraliscious Thanatos340 Turtle Skinny Shrek