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  1. I've been working with a couple of the publishers, and I have convinced 2 of them to release youtube copyright claims on some your Adrenalize compilation tracks. It appears some of the artists sold the rights to more than one publisher. Hope this helps your sales. Slim
  2. I'm looking for a source for these as well. Would appreciate any leads.
  3. To make it really useful have it audio record the debrief over the slow motion / paused / rewound playback and record the resultant video for the student to take home. I do this using screencap software and VLC. The resulting video isn't high res, but it is valuable for the student to review the feedback later.
  4. Another big vote for Swoopware. Mick Hardy is very responsive in bug fixing and open to new ideas. I've asked for and received several improvement to workflow that made importing pics easier. Now I just need to find a way to stop youtube from flagging the royalty free music incorrectly... Blues, Slim
  5. Tim was one of the good guys. Always willing to help, and always smiling. He and I started together in '95. Never got too big on the rw thing but he found his niche in video. We'll share the load again on the other side someday guy! Blues, Slim
  6. At the family's request, I've started for collecting condolences and memories and photos. Please pass this on, especially to those who don't use facebook. For those that do use facebook, Jim's page is here: Thanks, Slim
  7. Timber already posted an incident thread, so I'll lead off here. Jim was much more than the sum of all the many hats he wore. His accomplishments are too numerous to list here. He was and always will be a true friend and brother. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Please help collect some memories here for them. Blue Skies Brother Jim, Slim
  8. What about using customer supplied tracks? Is that a legal alternative?
  9. Interesting. The times I found mine locked under canopy, I was able to cycle power and then the switch worked fine, so I think the plug position can be ruled out. If the switch uses only 2 conductors, could a different plug with a non-conducting 3rd ring eliminate that possibility altogether?
  10. I'd thought of firmware too, and I'm pretty sure mine are both up to date. I'm going to check when I get back to the dz Sat. My auto shutoff is set to 15 minutes, and I only turn the camera on just prior to jump, so I don't think that's the issue. Appreciate all the brainstorming though.
  11. You know, I had soft focus problems starting with my original XT, and the Xti both with the stock lens. I started using autofocus and AI Servo to solve those issues. I agree about humidity - it should affect all canon's equally, but that seems not the case. It couldn't hurt to try neoprene though, as Bill Von mentioned. I'm just pretty disgusted with the whole thing now, but I'll probably try some neoprene and yet another brand of card. As a fallback, I'm going to also mount my gopro and have those as backups. The video frame grab stills from my setup are only 640x480. Anyone know how the CX-based stills turn out?
  12. Neither one is under warranty unfortunately. I thought maybe it was altitude related as well, but that doesn't explain why it's intermittent. Nor does it explain the issues ground level folks (see google search above) have had. I'm beginning to think it's a design flaw, and stressing the casing (pressure changes?) makes it happen.
  13. Seems spread across many models. Some think possibly temperature, some humidity. Wish I'd done the research before buying the XS
  14. It really is a pain. What model Canon, and what brand cards? I'm hoping to narrow down the issue, but I'm starting to look at Nikons. Slim
  15. I used the standard kit lens for a long while with similar results. I got the sigma hoping that would help, but it didn't change things. I'm about to the point of switching brands now.