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  1. I haven't logged on here in a long time either, but I was just thinking about him and wanted to see what others were thinking too. The ash dive was really nice. Hippie would have been proud of the turn out. Our birthdays just came and went, and this was the first in 7 years that I got older without him. Our lives were kind of running parallel in the past few years, as we were pursuing a lot of the same goals and life changes. I looked to him for inspiration because he had more fire in his belly than I did, and he kept me motivated. One of the last times we talked, he told me that he was happier than he had ever been, and that as much as the sacrifices hurt, he wouldn't change anything. He didn't care what anyone else thought, he knew he was making the right choices, and he still had big plans. But, the plan changed for him and my only consolation is that my friend was happy and content with his life when it ended. I'll look to him for inspiration for the rest of my life, and I'll see him again someday. Attached, a pic from a really fun day after a demo at Steeplechase. He'd look at this photo and say, "It's good to be the Hippie."
  2. Craig, you were a big influence on me as a young jumper. You never let me jump alone, and always made sure I got a kiss pass on my birthday :). It was always great to see you at the dz, and extra great to see you at boogies. I'm sorry your life was cut short, but you did some pretty amazing things while you were here. Enjoy flying free!
  3. Hippie changed a lot in the past couple of years. He saw a better life ahead of him, pointed himself in that direction, and pursued it. He achieved many of his goals prior to 2pm yesterday. He became one of my lifelong friends the moment I met him, and I'll miss him tremendously.
  4. Just had a chat with John Dean and it made me think of this thread. Kinda cool to see that almost everyone posting is still with us, and we're all still good friends. Still love you guys, even though I'm a bitch sometimes! Its been a rough week in the Southeast.. many UN-condolences to all.. and love to those we lost..
  5. I wanna know too....who are you??? Funnnnny! Give me your gear so I can go skydiving!!
  6. Well that sucks. I guess we'll go back to San Marcos.
  7. Hi Billy! I hope you and the wife and rugrats are all doing well!
  8. Wow, a skydiver setting high goals and actually accomplishing them. What's this world coming to? Sounds great. You'll totally rock an MBA. Skydiving will still be here when you're rich and powerful. I just want to be more like Remi!
  9. Well, from your avatar, I can tell you're up the creek, but it looks like you still have the paddle. Get your butt out and jump. Well I just changed my avatar, but I'm usually up a creek or something. I hope to get back to skydiving, but I am going for my MBA first.
  10. Dave! Hey I have another gorgeous cousin for you to take on a tandem. She's at A&M.. I just have to get myself out there. Hopefully soon!
  11. Hey Chuck! Nice horse! Now I miss Texas too..
  12. And this post made me smile!! I miss you too!
  13. People who KNOW me, know better than that.