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  1. PeregrineFalcon

    New to jumping, just wanted to say hi!

    Wrong emoticon. It should be: I owe three cases of beer! I go to my dz and make up excuses to buy beer. "Today is my first time I've made jump number 17." BEER!!!
  2. PeregrineFalcon

    Cleared CAT "B"!!!!!!

    Hehehe. Good job. The first stand up feels good. Don't go thinking you'll stand up every one after this, though. LOL. I went through a weird series of high flares between jumps 7 and 10.
  3. PeregrineFalcon

    My 3yr old daughter at Perris Valley

    She did a lot better than I did in the wind tunnel. My five-year-old daughter wants to do it too. She'll probably put me to shame.
  4. I have 8 jumps without a reserve!!! I'm "chuting" for 8000. Get it? chuting....shooting?
  5. PeregrineFalcon

    I'mm Backkkk! Skyding - better than any drug

    Amen to feeling a high better than any drug. Congrats. For me it was food keeping me out of the sport. See my string below. I've got two questions. With that many skydives, what did you have to do to remain current? And...what's the ettiquitte regarding a recovering alcoholic's first time doing something? Do you bring a case of O'douls or Red Bull or something?