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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is for the BOD Members who are too important to put their toys up while the adults are talking.
  2. All I can do is laugh when someone from Chicago lectures the responsible gun owners about crime and guns...really. When you get your own backyard cleaned up first get back to us. It's kind of like a turd telling a toilet it is full of crap.
  3. I would bet that RCR will be testing out the Demo insurance that Tom hopefully had for this demo gone wrong. The race car he damaged cost more that the plane he jumped out of. Unfriging believable.
  4. O'Blame-uh is a liar or totally incompetent, which is not acceptable. I'm an independent that voted for O'Blame-uh in 2008. I will be casting my vote for Mitt this election cycle. 1st time shame on you, second time shame on me!!
  5. They should start. So, how's that gun ban thing in Chicago working for you?
  6. Typical liberal B. S. Please get over yourselves.
  7. Glock 27 w/23 mags. Real compact threat neturalizer. If your going to mis, at least mis BIG!
  8. If it says BOSCH on it, it is GOOD!! Chris
  9. Skydive Miami rocks! Fast climbing plane, very professional staff, and awesome views of the coast.
  10. You can have anything in this world that you want, just as long as YOUR WILLING to help enough other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar They best way to help broke/poor people is not to become one. REV. IKE Chris Welker 5%,er
  11. ***Off the table? Seriously. Fuck you Boehner. Back @ you, Quade. BTW, why in the heck would anybody with a Brain Cell in there head take economy advise from a Californiaian, I mean since ya'll are doing such a fantastic job with your State's economy. :( Chris
  12. Can I Jump with a spinal fusion? Yes! How many times can you jump with a spinal fusion? No clue, I have sent my crystal ball out for repairs, but I'll get back to you when it is fixed. Pay your money and take your chances, it's a free world for some. Chris