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  1. Hey keep the riff raff out of Nevada...lol j/k. Oh wait we are the riff-raff. You create life, life does not create you.
  2. That is awesome and good job being a quitter.
  3. That kids is cute as hell and one to look for in the future.
  4. You probably pissed her off BIG TIME Again, I am a girl. lol Nope did not piss him off.....he was just a bit crazy is all. You create life, life does not create you.
  5. Oh my!!!! I had not seen a car on fire since my ex-set mine on fire. Has anyone figured out why? You create life, life does not create you.
  6. I know a girl that is stationed there and she said it jolted her out of bed but it was more like a 4.0. You create life, life does not create you.
  7. Well I have ADD and I am a mom and a wife and so on...oh and the older part. lol. But I too, have to sometimes actually make myself stop and think in the moment or I wander off onto other thoughts. Definitely try a different time of the day because that actually will keep your mind on the moment. You create life, life does not create you.
  8. Thank you for anyone who looked at this. The cat has been found and the owners are happy! Thank you again. You create life, life does not create you.
  9. A friend of mine lost her cat. If anyone near or around this area, can you take a look at thelink and please keep your eyes out. http://jackson.craigslist.org/pet/1611383614.html You create life, life does not create you.
  10. Is that plot or POT Very good show, and Captain Phil Harris was a legend with the Cornellia Marie .... I am going to miss Phil on that show he was the man!! You create life, life does not create you.
  11. I am in the middle of the teen angst with my son. And what I see with the girls....oh my let me tell you I wish you all the luck in the world. Just give her the restrictions/rules of what is expected of her and stick with them, give her the love (with lots of)hugs everyday even though you want to strangle her and we tend to forget to do that everyday when they are (these aliens) teens, and stay on top of them at all times I don't care if they say "you should trust me I am not going to to anything and I gave you no reason to not trust me" (a quote out of my sons girlfriends mouth) I took her straight home after that because I knew what wool she was trying to pull over her mom's eyes. If you let off just a bit because you think you can trust them, think again they will take that inch and run 100 miles. My son can make me see red and black out with anger oh and I can't forget the anxiety attacks that I went on meds for that started last year. (they are better now) I kept asking my husband and a few friends if I could quit my job as a mom for awhile while he was this alien. I wanted to ship him somewhere or just leave the country myself. It is rough and it is hard the levels and stages these teens go into and to watch and fully know yourself exactly what they are think and up to because let me tell you I was no angel as a teen that is for sure, you have to stand your ground and do not waver. They will test every inch of your emotinal spirit and do not let them see you break down because they know they have won. The two of you (your wife and you) stick together, cry on each others shoulders and give each other all the love and hugs you can because if the two of you are strong and have that emotional bond through all of this your daughter will know that she cannot crack either one of you. And you know if you need to just unload about your gates of wrath. Do it because any one of us who have teens or had teens knows what you are going through. And have your wife blog or something because she can get support or for her to find a mother of teen forum because talking about this to others who understand is soooo helpful. You create life, life does not create you.
  12. My hubby has one he plays with still and my son and his friends play around with it all the time. My hubby just recently got the 4 x 4 rubiks cube. Holy crap it is nuts. You create life, life does not create you.