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  1. millertimeunc

    What are you driving ?

    1982 Mercedes 300d, 313k miles. It's for going slow. 2007 K7 GSX-R 750. For scaring myself. The best things in life are dangerous.
  2. millertimeunc

    Behaviors rich people have.

    Interesting list. I'm not surprised that reading related behaviors appear on there multiple times. Most jobs I can think of off the top of my head which pay well require multiple hours of reading per day. The best things in life are dangerous.
  3. millertimeunc

    Anyone here ride?

    I have the street version A SV 650. Pretty much all stock. Great bike for the city, and takes to the highway pretty well, Tho, at 6'2, I wouldn't ride it for long distances. Another SV650 rider here.
  4. millertimeunc

    cleaning off Jet A1

    I accidentally took a bath in JP-8 a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, you've already chucked them in with other stuff in the washer (big mistake, as you now know!). I tried everything, including dry detergents, liquid detergents with febreeze, borax, oxy clean, soaking them in baking soda and water in the tub, etc. Ultimately, it just takes a lot of washing. I also found it helped to take the clothes out between washes and hang them in the fresh air (not sunshine). The smell will come out, but it just takes a while. Good luck! The best things in life are dangerous.
  5. millertimeunc

    Pee dilemma - Do you or not?

    He has to be blind, too! The best things in life are dangerous.
  6. millertimeunc

    How many languages do you speak?

    German isn't listed.
  7. millertimeunc

    Not so popular classic rock bands...

    Check out an album called "Seed Of Memory" by Terry Reid. You're welcome.
  8. millertimeunc

    Sky Diving Facts

    I occasionally enjoy yielding on the sky solo, but I think it is greater enjoyment for to yield accompaniedwise with others from time to time. For great justice and glorious victory. The best things in life are dangerous.
  9. millertimeunc

    Sky Diving Facts

    What I find interesting (and hilarious) is how poor the translation gets from number 7 until the end of the list, or should I say "how destitute the word changing receives from digit 7 ultimate the finality of the itemization"? This list cracks me up! The best things in life are dangerous.
  10. millertimeunc

    do you like watches!?

    I've got a Rolex Sea Dweller that I wear every now and then, but mostly I wear a Citizen Skyhawk. It's the only watch I've ever deployed with. Has a ton of useful functions for world travel, and it's never been off of the GPS clock time by more than half a second. The best things in life are dangerous.
  11. millertimeunc

    What's a good wingsuit canopy

    I've jumped pilots and spectres with wingsuits, and can highly recommend both. I like the pilot slightly more, though, since it feels a bit more sporty. The best things in life are dangerous.
  12. millertimeunc

    Guinness World Record

    Just commenting on the math, not the feat itself. Still impressive at 35,000 feet, but unless he jumped from over 52,000 feet, it was not "over 10 miles high." The best things in life are dangerous.
  13. millertimeunc

    Guinness World Record

    35,000 feet is not 10 miles high. The best things in life are dangerous.
  14. millertimeunc

    Traveling with cats??

    Bad idea. They won't tolerate the shipping label being stuck to their fur. The best things in life are dangerous.
  15. millertimeunc

    How long...Packing?

    Depends on the canopy. For my Pilot 132, around 7-8 minutes, and it opens great every time. For my Cobalt 120, 15 or so minutes and talk to it lovingly, or else the openings can get...strange. The best things in life are dangerous.