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  1. millertimeunc

    PD Reserve

    This was my first reserve ride from spinning line twists. After cutting away, I was low enough to not waste any time trying to get stable belly to earth, and pulled my reserve while head low and slightly on my back. I expected a rough deployment, but it opened quickly and with no drama, other than 2 line twists (no doubt related to the position I was in when I deployed it). It is a PD 143 which I am loading between 1.5-1.6, and it flew BIG. It reminded me a lot of a Spectre. I flared a little early on landing and was expecting to have to run it out, but the flare just kept going until I was completely stopped. I think that this is an outstanding reserve, and I'm glad I went with it!
  2. millertimeunc

    Anyone jumping tomorrow at Skydive City?

    Yup, I'll be there.
  3. millertimeunc

    Who has the most jumps without a cutaway??

    I know a guy with over 3000 who has never had a cutaway, except the intentional ones you need to have for your tandem rating.
  4. millertimeunc

    Skydive Palatka

    I came to Palatka for the first time in January. After having jumped there for several months and a couple times at a few other Florida DZ's, I can say I'm much happier jumping at Palatka than anywhere else. No matter what your discipline of choice, there is always someone to jump with. Facilities include HOT showers, camping areas, and plenty of dining options within a 5 minute drive. For those interested in flying instead of falling, there is also a growing wingsuit following at Palatka. Art definitely takes care of anyone jumping at his DZ, student or fun-jumper. Very safety-minded. The main landing area is a little tight, but there is a much larger landing area a short walk away. If you're a UF student and want to learn to skydive, coming to Palatka is a no-brainer as members of the UF skydive club get all sorts of benefits. Makes me wish I were back in college again...
  5. millertimeunc

    My Phantom 2, sadly lacking Campos..

    Dammit, I want my Phantom 2! Grrrrrr, the cruel waiting game begins...
  6. millertimeunc


    Found near the center of the airport at Palatka. Contact me via PM to claim it.