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  1. What I would take if I walked away: My dog's ashes, a small piece of art from New Mexico, my clothes, all of which I currently wear, an accordian file folder, my purse and my massage table. I could throw it all in my car and go. The rest is just stuff and I'm not even remotely attached to it. I've always been a minimalist and I'm single. I don't like to hang on to crap. It messes with my mojo.
  2. @RMURRAY: that's very cool that your wife has written two books for kids. Thanks for sharing that. Very encouraging :) @monkeycndo: thanks, those are the fine points that will really suck them into the plot lol...i know my 4 yr. old nephew would be riveted.
  3. Roxxx, you are a natural. Perhaps we should collaborate.
  4. And I thought nobody would respond to this thread. LOL.
  5. Hi everybody, I'm thinking of writing a childrens book about skydiving for the wee ones, like kids under age 6. What do you think? If you have little ones, or a nephew or niece, would you buy it to show what mommy or daddy or aunt/uncle is doing? I already have an awesome illustrator. Now I need the plot. Possible title: Peter and Pam and the Perfectly Good Airplane. LOL. OK, yeah, I did just make that up right now.
  6. At 46, I don't feel so much like I'm running out of options as I think there are fewer men who would make the cut as life partner material.If I had 100 men standing in front of me, many would be kind, wonderful guys to have as friends, a few would remain superficial acquaintances, some would get the Big N-O, and a small handful would be in the running for the mature, compassionate, loyal, multi-dimensional, funny, caring, patient man who is interested in making a woman a priority in his life. Right now I'm investing some time and energy into getting really, really, REALLY clear on what it is I want in a life partner.That's been MY issue--not lack of options. *maybe this has been said by someone else. no, i didn't read all 8 zillion posts lol..
  7. Hey everybody! Thanks for weighing in on this. I'm excited to say that I'll be offering massage at the Work Stinks Boogie 2010 at Start Skydiving in Middletown, OH. I'm really looking forward to the experience :).
  8. Wow, thanks my friends! I have been a therapist for 15 years and am very good at my job. I want to jump and I want my client base to be comprised of as many jumpers as possible, because you are wonderful people and I admire you, respect you, and am inspired by you. I'd be one lucky therapist to have the opportunity to work this way. I've been doing some traveling with bike tours these days and am used to charging $1/1min in 15 min units. So $60/hr. I think it's a great price and definitely lower than my private practice fee. Thanks to all who responded to this! I hope to be at a drop zone soon.
  9. Hey, Just taking an informal poll to see how skydivers respond to the idea of having a masseuse on hand at the drop zone.
  10. Hi All~ I am new to skydiving--haven't even made first jump yet. Decided I wanted to do my AFF at Start, after thinking about it for a mere 20 years. I wanted to spend an hour at Start before officially getting this underway and ended up having an instructor, David Strobel, work with me one:one. He spent over an hour showing me the equipment and explaining how it worked, demonstrating what to do in various scenarios in the sky, going over the training and what it entailed, and sharing his own experiences with skydiving. He was very generous with his time and with information, very professional and welcoming. As it turns out, I have an old shoulder injury that I would need to address before starting AFF, which came to light when we saw that I couldn't get my shoulders to align in the correct body position. Thanks to David, I didn't have to wait until I was in the course to find this out. He was even nice enough to, literally, "talk me in " to the location when I got really lost on my way there. Now that's customer service! I had the pleasure of also meeting Travis, their pilot, and Gene, the dz manager--both very nice and welcoming guys. I look forward to my return to Start
  11. Hey! Question: Can I begin AFF training in one state, move to another for work, continue training, then move back to original location to complete it? This may be my scenario....
  12. HAHAHA!! So many great posts! It's such a blast to read these! Love the stories and just hearing how old you were whn you did your first jump...I'm 100% inspired.
  13. WOW!!! I am SO excited to get all of your replies! This is fascinating and wonderful and inspiring. Thank you all for taking the time to check in and respond. Awesome, awesome, awesome...
  14. Hi Everyone, I've decided to pursue an AFF A license at age 46. I'm reading the threads on this forum with great interest and I'm pretty stoked to have found such an adventurous crowd! Just curious~~ I'd love to hear from those who picked up this sport in his/her 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's....