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  1. Ron didn't say he wanted to touch it!!!
  2. My husband is a non-jumper but comes to the DZ with me almost every weekend that is not a hunting weekend. It works out well. We respect the fact that each of us have other interests. During the summer months he will be found at the grill cooking up burgers for the DZ! So if you are ever in Suffolk, VA and see a man standing at the grill it is probrably him! I make sure I thank him every day for what he does for us!
  3. You will have a blast! What DZ are you going to? Which method are doing (tandem, Aff)? I have family in Loganville. I have been to a few DZs there! Have fun and stay safe!
  4. Let's all get together and schedule a boogie there!
  5. I was just s few days ago I read a post about skipping over long posts. I am glad I didn't skip this one! I enjoyed it!
  6. I will always fill out my paper log after every jump! I was just saying that this software could back up my paper log just in case it is lost with luggage on a flight or is misplaced somehow! I write everything down in the log book from the dirt dive, people I jumped with, exit, jump, pattern, landing, what the winds were like.................... It will never replace my paper log but I would have nothing if my logbook were lost.
  7. I actually think this would be a good idea. With new products you always have issues to work out. Not a problem with me. My alti did not come with software that was extra. Nothing wrong with having an online log to back up my written logbook if it gets lost or something.
  8. Two jumps on Saturday! First jump on the day was my first helicopter jump! I still can't wipe that smile off my face!
  9. I only have 131 jumps and still have lots to learn! I make it a point to tell people how many jumps I have. Most people are eager to teach you something! So go with it and learn as much as possible! Who cares about the "stigma".
  10. When I started jumping I had people asking to jump with me before I got my license! And I am not even a super-cute blonde. Never pay for someone elses jump just to jump with you. There are plenty of people that will jump with you at a different DZ! Go find those people and stay with it. I have only done one solo since I got my license. Do not give up doing something you love, you just may regret it!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. We had to put our Golden Retreiver down Dec 14, 2007. It was the hardest thing we have ever done. She was only eight but cancer had taken over. Get some sleep.
  12. You guys are hillarious..............and I have been doing the cooking and bringing it to the DZ!
  13. I love jumping with you, Neal, and you too Ron! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  14. cjsgrlsx3


    I put in request for you guys and gals in hopes of meeting some of you at various DZs. So add me
  15. I had a puppy that did this! I thought I was the only one! I had to have the ducting replaced! I covered the vent with Saran wrap until the AC guy got here!
  16. Just to clarify..........Casey is the mother. She is in jail. Kayleigh (sp) has been found.
  17. I actually enjoyed reading this post. It was more of a heads up, do your gear check post for me. I do two gear checks before I leave the plane. One just before boarding and one at about 10,000 feet. All kinds of things can happen while you are moving around the plane on the ride up.
  18. I started jumping in June of '06. My husband gets a huge laugh out of watching me go up an escalator! I am terrified of heights! With that being said, nothing beats jumping out of a plane after a long week of "whatever"! This is my 100th. http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=7352
  19. Don't brine and fry there will be too much "soaked up" water. Water and oil don't mix! Maybe some people do that but we do not. We inject and fry. Yummy! This year we are having some friends from the DZ over and will also be smoking a turkey that will be brined before hand. I just may use that receipe!
  20. Just showing our Mr. Bones some love! Your family in Suffolk will miss you!!!!! Take care and stay safe! (will this garauntee me a spot in your vid next year!)
  21. That's pretty cool! My family and I did some tunnel time with Ramsey Kent. Great guy!
  22. I had two females sister cats that we named Frik and Frak. I know, it was kind of corny.
  23. It's a great video! Glad we all made it out of there just fine. Notice at the end Simon labled Caleb as the "wrecking ball". It was all his fault!!! Gotta love your friends who screw it up!