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  1. I have read the reviews and spoke to a few people. Honestly they were not so great.....but I would like to form my own opinion. Any regulars there that would be willing to jump with a visiting jumper during the week? Anything I should know before making a visit there? Another DZ is not an option because of the distance. I am a bellyflier with 371 jumps. I would prefer not to jump by myself. I would only be able to chose one day to jump and do a couple jump and leave! So , who wants to jump?
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    I love eggs.........so therefore I have 8 laying hens that give me 4 eggs a day! I have 4dz in the fridge now. Mine are free range!
  3. We have been out of power and the crews were out to get us back running again! But the worst is yet to come!
  4. We are located in Zuni, VA about 25 miles west of Skydive Suffolk. We have lost one tree so far in the horse pasture and it is still early. It's pretty windy but we still have power. The horse is freaking out and we have placed a breakaway halter with identification on her just in case the fence blows down. Everything is tied down and put away! I have deserts backed and grill items in the freezer! All ATVs are gased up and plenty of gas for the chainsaw! We are prepared! Stay safe out there!
  5. I have been in your shoes a few times! Some days are meant for enjoying the weather on the ground! Then you want to kick yourself when you can't jump! There will be another weekend! Enjoy!
  6. As a newly C licensed skydiver I just had to jump the beach! So I sent a few pushy emails to this dropzone and headed down with four jumpers and two observers! After 5 hours of driving we showed up not knowing a soul! We were immediately greeted with smiles and open arms. We were given a place to sleep, plenty of space on the plane, and invited to dinner! The jumps were fantastic, the staff was great, and I can not say enough about the hospitality! Nice, open landing area! And the beach jumps.....AMAZING! Do not pass up this dz! This is one we will visit again but this time bring the camper and stay a week!
  7. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  8. So a while back I was looking at some gifts and saw a three ring dog collar. I did not get one at the time but wished I had because I can not find one now. Does anyone know where I can find one of these collars? It was a collar that had the actual three rings attached to it.
  9. Ok this is my 2cents! I did six tandems in six months and then started my AFF. I also had 30 minutes worth of tunnel time. EVERY tandem that I did I learned something and met some really great people. I did not do the tandem progression, I just did alot of tandems. My daughter has two tandems and I encourage her to do more before starting her AFF. This is not a sport to rush. Take your time. The only bad thing about tandems is that it will teach you bad body position. Don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your tandems and learn canopy pattern and altitude awareness. Don't worry about steering, you will be happy to grab the toggles when you do AFF!
  10. The instructor is John Heady! He jumps at Orange in VA now but used to jump at West Point! His wife, Kristy, jumps at West Point!
  11. Did anyone else notice video guy number 1 and video guy number 2 at the end of the video! Video guy 2 could have had a pilot chute in his face or worse!
  12. Skydive Suffolk is my home DZ! Skydive Atlanta is alot like Suffolk! I love them both! You should check out West Point on your way to Suffolk. The Farm was a fun place to jump but don't get lost getting back! You will enjoy all of them!
  13. I was 35 when I started skydiving and I told my parents before I started. My dad was pretty worried but wanted to see me do it. He was so excited that he paid for my A license. My mother did two tandems with me. Now my daughter wants to jump! Yes, I am a little worried!
  14. Be careful about placing your stone in the oven with no food on it. This WILL cause it to crack and eventually break! Soaking it should have helped!
  15. Just to give you an idea...... My then 5 month old was 22lbs, at 13 months she was 20lbs, now she is 10 and is a whole 85lbs as of yesterday! Children grow at different rates. I would not be concerned so much to book an appointment right away but you should bring it up to her pediatrician at her well baby check up next time! Merry Christmas!
  16. I met SARLDO a few years back and miss jumping with him!
  17. When I first started posting on here you were one person I remember....not sure why but I had wondered where you had gone! So can I count as one who remembers?! Glad to hear all is well!
  18. I was traveling to Indiana to visit my brother and decided to make a stop here. I am so glad I did! The people there were great. I am used to jumping a PAC but it was a lot of fun to jump the 182. The scenery is beautiful, the facilities are clean and easy to get to, the landing area is very well maintained. I may make a trip there and stop in to see my brother!
  19. My thoughts are with you and Julia's family today. Blue Skies!
  20. I should be visiting on September 18! Anyone want to jump with me? I am a low timer with only 170 jumps and want to do some fun RW! I am just looking to visit a new DZ and do some fun jumps! Hopefully the weather holds out!
  21. I did meet Sunman! He is a character! I didn't say I did not like The Farm. During the weather hold Mike from Chuting Star did a repack for me! I introduced myself to quit a few people but all were busy! I think it may have just been a very busy day. See you guys when I am down there next time!
  22. The people are very friendly at the Farm but I also found it a little cliquey. It was hard to get on a jump with the regulars. I only made one visit but am thinking of trying it again if I am in the area. They were very busy the day I visited.
  23. I did my first helo jump a few months ago! I would love to do another one. I did not feel that falling feeling but from the smiles on everyone's faces I was kicking and flailing my arms like crazy! What a blast, you gotta do one!