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  1. I just want to say I am so glad that I read this post. When I started this whole "skydiving thing" , as my friends call it, I never even realized there was a Tandem progression program until my instructor said something to me after my fourth tandem. I am now bored with the thought of doing another tandem and will move on to my AFF program in January. Until I read this I have never heard or read anything else about a Tandem Progression. I just thought I was being a chicken and thought I would be stuck in the tandem haze until I worked up the nerve. But I WAS actually learning to skydive during those tandems. Correct ways to turn and wearing my own altimeter and pulling. I even learned a bit about landing. Thanks all!
  2. That was us! My daughters invited everyone to eat. Hope they didn't miss you! Next time come on over. They DZ said they don't have many people come out to cookout anymore. I would like to be there once a month.
  3. Nice to see some people from Suffolk here. If you are ever there and see a cookout going on it just may be us! We usually have one every time we go. So, if you are around come introduce yourself and have a burger! And this goes for anyone else who shows up at Suffolk!
  4. I don't know, but for some reason I wasn't scared a bit my first tandem jump. I was a little nervous, but to say I was scared isn't really right. Now my second tandem I was a little scared and a bit more nervous. Everyone I have spoken to says it is that way. Now that I have four tandems (no that is not a typo I have done 4 and no AFFs yet) I am almost scared to do AFF. I really want to but for some reason I get this knot in my gut when I think about having to land on my own. Finding my way back and all. Nothing else scares me except I feel I may get lost. It's strange but that is how I feel!
  5. I have not introduced myself yet. I did my first tandem in June. I was hooked immediately! I have done 4 tandems since then. I am looking forward to doing my AFF training at Skydive Suffolk. I am hoping to start my training after the first of the year. As with some others that I have read, this has now become a BIG part of my life! I will update you guys when I start my training.
  6. I would actually have to say that my mother is very supportive of me. I have only had two tandems but next Saturday I go for my third and my mother will go for her 1st. Kind of neat. My father on the other hand was very scared about it. But on my second tandem I dragged him out there and he has done a 180 and wants to come to all my jumps. So my are very supportive of me wanting to get my license.
  7. UUUUM, Gosh. I feel kind of bad. I had never even thought of tipping anyone there. They have been great to me. I have only had two tandems but will be there next week and then I am going to try to get my license. I just had a discussion with my husband about bringing burgers and hot dogs next week when I go and bringing enough for everyone to have. We were going to grill out there. This is something I have to give some thought to. Is grilling enough or is this not appropriate? I have drummed up a little bussiness for them. I have 11 referals that will be going in October. Maybe I need to think about doing a bit more. What do you think?
  8. Just a thought. Have they checked to see if you have a blood disorder? von Willebrands would be something to check out. There is something they can do for that.
  9. I have done two jumps since June and plan on my third next week. This is a great place to jump. The staff is top notch! Thank You to everyone at Skydive Suffolk!You guys are terrific!