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  1. What a great day. five jumps could easily been seven. didn't get turned down for a jump all day. (happens a lot ay mile high) even helped someone get their scr and scs. wow great weather great people and a hell of a lot of fun. Thank Airtwardo for the recommendation.
  2. Wow it hot. Damn hot. That's great if your with a lady but sucks if your working concrete!
  3. was stationed at Ft. Hood years ago. I think I can handle week. lol
  4. something I should know before getting on the plane Sunday?
  5. My company is sending me to Houston to teach some construction techniques I developed at work. I wrangled an extra day out of them so I could check out the local seen. Anyone from there who knows where to go. A drop zone perhaps. I did a web search and there are so many I have no Idea which to choose. Suggestions? I may have time in the afternoons all day Saturday and Sunday morning to go play!
  6. physical scheduled for the 13 of Aug. thanks for all the input. Maybe it's just the thought of finding there is something wrong or being unwilling to loose a days pay to hear that there isn't. Besides, with a wife who is a nurse I don't think I stood much of a chance in not going anyway!!! I just didn't have a logical argument not to!
  7. 48 years old 5'10'' and your right last physical was when I was 40. Again at the wife's insistence. I intellectually understand the need to go for a physical... but it seems to me that the healthcare system strives to find something, anything wrong , or may be wrong just to keep a returning customer so to speak.
  8. Ok. situation... five months ago I was a quality control auditor for a concrete company. Checking work against the prints to ensure correct products. This was a stressful job but not very physical. I weighed in at 206 lbs. I changed jobs and took a lead man position actually building the products (Putting forms together). Very physical and stressful position. 12 to 16 hr. days. in five months I lost 38lbs. My wife is getting concerned as my weight continues to fall off. As guy, I generally don't go to a doctor unless I am truly hurt. How far should I go before I see a doctor whose (imo) gains by telling me something is wrong. I think if I feel fine I'm doing ok. Opinions?
  9. military static line for a start For skydiving it was I.A.D (Instructor assisted deployment) The instructor holds the pilot chute as you exit the plane then throws it into the wind deploying your main. This wasn,t an option in your poll!
  10. My wife doesnt jump either. However she was the one who got me my first five jumps. I started my kids jumping with me when they turned 16. and now its a familly event with my wife laghing at any poor landings. she still wont go up in the plane though!
  11. no still get paid by the hour but even double time after sixty @50 an hour really doesnt compensate for living at the job ... yes i can get back on the tools but i dont know how it would feel working under the same guys i am now supposed to check up on. incidentally the new job is in Quality control!
  12. I was a happy go lucky buiding things with the knowledge and skill of years on the job. An expert if you will in certain areas of construction and specific products! Suddenly a man in authority and highly respected by me comes along and says "I want you to apply for this "promotion"! Ok so I applied and wham !!! I am now working in {gasp} an office filling paperwork filling out forms doing mathmatical calculations. doing more paperwork, checking on the people I used to call my boss and telling them when they did it wrong. listening to arguments about product design and why it cant be buit that way! On top of which I am now putting in about 14 to 16 hours a day! Now I have to ask myself,,,Is this a good thing?
  13. both my son and daughter di IAD jumps at sixteen now my daughter is Army Airborne and my son has taken off in a plane 63 times and never landed with one.
  14. hit by lightning: 16 yrs old in moms back yard playing in a tree. wind was blowing but no rian heard a buzzzzzz the boom im flying through the air and spriand my ankle when I hit the ground. Hit by lightning 2: Was on rear area security lightning hit our 292 antenae and went from the antenae to me to the radio. burned my right shoulder and my right big toe. toenail still doesnt grow right!