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  1. lazerq3


    I just purchased the new style aviator helmut with the internal Audible ports and love it!!!! The fit is really comfortable and when the Protrack is in place you can't even feel it. (It use to push up against my ear in the PROTEC) Plus you dont have to worry about it getting smacked off your helmut by risers, or worry about PLFing and rolling on your AUD during a crash landing!!! IT comes with velcro strips some you can really secure your AUD in the port, but it fits so well in there I dont even have to use them. Just slide it in and out and it WILL stay in place behind the pad. I personlly think the internal ports are the way to go!! Plus the helmut feels pretty good and solid. I mean yes it may not be as hard a protec but it feels like it can take a good beating and you'll still come out in good shape!!! Anyway a great helmut for the price and good protection for your melon and Audible. [shameless plug for lisa] pick one up at[shameless plug for lisa]!!
  2. lazerq3

    Talon 2

    I purchased the Talon2 T4 with the multiflex option and just love it. Granted I'm really new to the sport and havent jumped a lot of diff containers but this is a great rig. I mainly fly formation but have recently started learning FreeFlying. A couple of times I've tumbled ass over end trying to learn a new position and never had any problems with the tuctabs(riser covers),or with the reserve flap coming out!!The bridal exposure from the right flap to the boc pouch is minimal( approx 1/2 showing), and has never came out. I pack a PD170 main/ 181RavenDash M reserve. Both fit very nice with plenty of room to downsize. Very comfortable container. Little hint: get a nice sturdy plastic brisel brush and brush it off after the days jumping and it will look like new everytime you bring her out!!! A well groomed rig is a happy one!!!
  3. lazerq3

    Although I havnt any other DZ to compare to, Skydive Ogden has got to be one of the nicest. I went though my AFP training here and the staff and people are always willing to give advice and help you out with any questions you may have. The two J/M's (brian & phil) are very professional when it comes to your training and make you feel comfortable and confident with the tasks at hand during you training. All in all a great DZ to jump at!!!! jason