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  1. I feel the same way! I have a video that my husband took, I was last to board and I had everyone slide over so I had two people in between me and the door! My husband thinks it is hillarious! he says I am jumping anyway! The weirdest thing was sitting in the back of a CASA with the door slightly open on take off. On another note. I usually jump sthe PAC. The door doesn't come open until 1000' and usually stays open until 7000'. So there is not much time that it is open anyway!
  2. I love to watch tandem videos! Maybe because I spent six months doing them before I did my first AFF! It's a blast, glad you had fun!
  3. I was digging my papers out as I was reading to give them to you. Then I read the rest of the replies! Have a fun and safe trip! So you around Suffolk sometime!
  4. Having my own little party here. It was one year ago today that I received my A license. Kind of cool to think about. Wonder where I will be next year! I hope I will be a coach by then!
  5. Just want to congratulate you, Liz! Glad you're having a blast! We sure do miss you in VA!!!! Looks like a trip to Utah is in the making!
  6. I just paid my first visit to The Farm this past Saturday! The people there were great. I was only able to do one jump but also had a repack done! Great people, great place! I almost landed at the wrong "farm"! I am heading to Skydive Atlanta this Saturday and plan on jumping all day!
  7. Just wanted to Thank everyone at Carolina Sky Sports for their hospitality! You guys and gals are great. A few friends of mine from Suffolk paid you a visit and had a great time! We will be back to visit sometime this summer! And, yes, I will bring my packer with me!
  8. cjsgrlsx3

    4 Gallons!

    Funny, I saw RW fliers also! Congrats!
  9. I am not superstitious but I do have a certain routine I follow! Oh, and I see you have 100 jumps! How was the pie?
  10. Now, if I showed you my nude pictures I would have a hard time finding anyone to jump with! heeheehee But please someone show up for some jumps!!!
  11. here I come!!! I will be there July 7th or 8th! I can't make it for the boogie but really want some people to jump with!!! So what do you say?
  12. Jump number 13 for me was at a boogie. I made sure I told the instructor that I would be landing away from the other jumpers. I was a little further out in the field. They were OK with it. This was also at a DZ i had never jumped at before. Everyone was great and we had lots of fun.
  13. I thought about putting "$75 jump" on it!
  14. I've got you beat skymama! I also received the award for flexed arm hang. Can you believe it took them 1 minute and 20 seconds to realize I wasn't that good at it I was stuck! It was pretty funny. They actually had to get me down! That standing long jumped sucked!!!
  15. Well done! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  16. This is hillarious! My husband and I are sending one out from our own e-mails and will work in the catch phrase!
  17. And you got some extra time in at work! Glad it worked out for you. I usually have the bad luck in making the wrong choice and hitting the DZ just as the wind picks up!!!!!!!
  18. It began with the ride to the DZ, then the ride to Altitude, then my landings really sucked! No I am back to the ride to the DZ! I'm sure it will always be something!
  19. Congrats! I also got my "B" on Saturday during a weather hold!!! Feels good doesn't it! So that makes three of us. Wonder how many other people got their "B" this weekend!
  20. This is my rescue! i have to admit that I have purchased a few dogs and this is my first rescue! If she had been for sell she would still be ours!
  21. I started my AFF in the winter. It was cold but I would have to say that I think it was better then being too hot! I jumped this winter also so I didn't go too long without jumping! It's not too bad in the winter.
  22. Funny you should say that! I had plans to meet a few people at the DZ but the weather was terrible the entire five days I was there!! there was no jumping for me!!!!